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Scott Horton, We’d Like to Hear a “Who”

Above: “Boil that dust speck!”

  • A liberal journalist in Iraq has now accused a neoconservative journalist in Iraq of making things up, so I should like to be consistent in my investigations by also debunking every element of his story — ‘his’ naturally meaning that of the liberal traitor and false-accuser.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


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One Yanklitzer prize coming right up.


I’d like to hear more followup on Scott Horton’s Justice in Alabama stories.


Dude. OCD is entirely treatable.

Move on. You’re never gonna get the blog o’the year for kerning. It’s been done, and your lack of innovation is tremendously embarassing.





Have you made a bit of difference? Is it that you recognize that the cause, whatever it might have been, is lost? That the American invasion and occupation of Iraq was doomed to failure, and the ugliness and horror is now running on it’s own?

That we can stay there, but the dying, the killing, the tragedy, the cleansing, the bright flight, the shattered infrastructure, the sickness, the poverty, the disease, it’s all going to continue as long as we feel that our economic interests trump the rights of other humans to live their lives?

We’ve well and truly screwed the pooch, yank, and you can dabble around the edges all you want, but even that only underscores the truth. We’re the bad guys, and most everything we’ve done has been evil. Even if you choose to believe the just so stories and want so desperately to believe that our intentions were good. Doesn’t matter, m’man. The costs, to the US, to Iraq, to the region, to the world’s economy are far too high.

Stop rubber stamping the criminals. Do the right thing. Focus on the real problem, the occupation of a Shiite majority nation by the American military. What are we gaining? Do we truly have a right to be there? Is the gain worth the cost, in lives, on both sides, in money, in prestige?

Get your head out of the stupid MSM narrative, and come out and say it clearly. I challenge you. Why should America continue to occupy Iraq? What will all the costs return? C’mon Yankee, have the balls to get in the fight. ‘Cause right now? You’re just nip-nip-nipping around the edges.

You challenge the press because you can’t support the mission.



Confederate Yankee:

I sent the following an email to Mr. Horton at [email address] on August 25:


To date, Mr. Horton has not responded to my query, though he has apparently been online and posting quite heavily; he has posted no fewer than seven blog entries yesterday and so far today. I hope he considers answering.

Cue Bobby C. of “Saturday Night Fever”: “How come you never called me?”


Counterfeit Yankee:

Why should Scott Horton respond? Why should he raise your pathetic status as a bogger? And why should he fight an unarmed man in a battle of wits?


Dammit, it looked okay in preview, I swear. The text “To date … considers answering” should be inside the blockquote, too, as it is Confederate Yankee’s.


[It has somehow magically been fixed!]


Update: In case Mr. Horton’s email is full or non-functioning, I’ve also sent a request in to Giulia Melucci, Harper’s Vice President/Public Relations, and asked for her help in resolving this matter.

Okay I’m going to hang up now…. Hello? Oh, I thought I heard something… Okay I don’t want to tie up the line… okay bye

Hi, it’s me again, I don’t know if you were trying to call…


[It has somehow magically been fixed!]

It is a mystery! Email the CY!


Do liberals alter the past in some Stalinist scheme to wipe out even the memory of what they cannot tolerate?


“It’s hard to believe anyone would like about Iraq. Especially an American, and especially an American who cloaks himself in the journalist’s cloak of objectivity.

We expect journalists to tell us the truth. The truth as they see it is just fine, as long as it’s the truth.

If Horton believes that Kristol, Kagen or whoever was not being honest, then he owes it to his readers to identify the piece in question and lay out his case for why he thinks that story is false.

This is not about ideology. It’s about the integrity of an institution of democracy.

Show some intellectual honesty, if that’s at all possible.
Posted by: Dave at August 27, 2007 01:19 PM” Ahh the Cloak of Objectivity.It resides at teh Hall of Justice.


Purple Avenger, guest posting at Ace’s, gets it:

Beauchamp Redux?
Harpers this time…

Bookworm Room and CY might be on to something here. This Scott Horton character certainly sounds and writes like a certified foaming at the mouth moonbat…and we all know how dedicated THEY are to 100% factual reporting and multiple layers of fact checking.

That Horton hasn’t responded to Bob’s request for the specifics of the story Horton claims was bogus isn’t incriminating per-se, but it does suggest that Horton isn’t exactly interested in seeing his own claims examined by any 3rd parties…3rd parties known to be rather tenacious in their approach.

Ellipses and emphasis in the original.


“Gun Counter Gomer clung to his job tenaciously.”

The springtime article Scott refers to could well have been this tripe (url above).. More fodder for us moonbats!!!


You’re never gonna get the blog o’the year for kerning

Jeebus, they’re like the dude at your 20 year class reunion who won’t shut. the. fuck. up. about something that happened in 10th grade, as if that was the pinnacle of his existence.

I hope the kid that hit the home run to win the Little League World Series yesterday doesn’t turn in to a CY type, boring the fuck out of everyone sipping their beers at the dive bar he lives at, about that day 37 years ago when he won the LLWS for the US.


I emailed confederate Yankee asking him what meds he is on, so far no reply, what has he got to hide?

A request to Mr Yankee to provide details of his psychiatric history has also met with a deafening silence, as has my demand that he give me access to his full medical records.

It seems Mr Yankee is not the paragon of openess he claims to be


Have you made a bit of difference?

Haven’t they? It’s about terrorizing reporters out of reporting and into following their lead. It’s pretty much working.


Please enjoy Army of Dude before the Pentagon makes Bugger™ take it down. Not so much debatable events in the War in ah Babylon as a well-written gut level report from a slogger.


I hope the kid that hit the home run to win the Little League World Series yesterday doesn’t turn in to a CY type, boring the fuck out of everyone sipping their beers at the dive bar he lives at, about that day 37 years ago when he won the LLWS for the US.

Ever see Everybody’s All American with Dennis Quaid? An interesting take on the other aspect of the conversation, wherein everybody wants him to tell the story about ‘The Play’ every time they meet him. Yay, a winner!!

An interesting analogy for some of the 25% dead-enders, I must say.


who is this confederate yankee and why does he look like a chicken?


This isn’t about that “woman with unfired bullets” thing again, is it?

‘Cause if it is someone really needs to check the turning radius of a Bradley all over CY’s head.

Northern Observer

We’re all laughing but it is part of a well worn right wing script. They are building a library of “events” and “incidents” with the “traitorous liberal media” so that when the mission finally does collapse and the Pentagon pulls out of Iraq, the 27%ers will have a reason for why it happened. It is classic misdirection with a little stabbed in the back spice and seasoning added.

CY is just another of the republican partys ‘willing executioners’. A ‘good’ American if you will.


Hey mikey, have you ever read Mike Malloy’s stuff?


Northern Observer (Canadian, eh?), do you think the narrative will stick this time? I myself wonder. They were able to make it work on Vietnam because the economy kept getting better afterwards, so it was easy to get away with it then. The current crop of young folks sees that their job prospects are lower, their chances at landing one with health care are lower (can anyone say “contractor”?), and they as a whole strongly do not identify with the core rethuglican values. I suspect most of them look at the young republican leader-types from 1960 to present and see priggish like YE’s with multiple silver spoons protruding from every orifice.

As long as they go back to their 27% or less of the population, with a similarly low level of representation in government, we might have a chance to undo the damage.

I must admit that I think your “willing executioners” analogy is more than apt. Time for the war crimes trials to begin!


Has no one else ever remarked upon how much Confederate Wankee looks like Wallace Shawn with a brush-cut or whatever that hair-do is called?

It is with great sadness that I do so now.



You insult Wallace Shawn.


Nikki: Hey, I said it was with great sadness. I love Wallace Shawn.


I think it’s high time the Rational Majority stopped donating money to corporatist, centrist Dem enablers and started to pool their money to buy, I dunno, CNN I guess, and fill it with actual journalism. Doing so is pretty much our only shot against the continued conglomeration of the magpie media.

Plus, then, you know, we could pay our heavy hitters what they’re worth. Or at least something (being better than nothing, as it currently stands).


Confedarate Yankee reports,sources say,”Troops lying”MRE’s taste great.


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