By that logic, only four planes were hijacked on September 11

Iraqi’s interim Prime Minister is apparently a graduate of the Ari Fleischer school of public relations:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq’s interim prime minister has vowed to crush Baathist die-hards and foreign militants he blamed for killing 100 people
in a day of suicide bombings and attacks meant to sabotage next week’s move
toward Iraqi rule.

“These are isolated incidents,” said Iyad Allawi. “We are going to defeat them…We have been expecting this escalation and we are expecting more escalation in the days ahead.”

Here is your isolated incidents scoreboard for yesterday:


  • Mosul — 5 car bombs.
  • Ramadi: “Groups attacked police stations with rifles, AK-47 machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades. At least 20 people were killed in the city, according to the Health Ministry.” “Three police stations and a government office were attacked.” [link]
  • Baquba: “19 Iraqi policemen and two US soldiers were killed in multiple assaults targeting government offices and police posts.”
    Baghdad: “Four people were killed in a separate suicide attack […] when a man carrying a black Samonsite briefcase blew himself up at a checkpoint.

  • Mahaweel: Insurgents fired mortars at a police checkpoint, killing one Iraqi officer.


  • Dead: > 100
  • Wounded: 320

    Thanks to Blair for some research assistance.

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    He also called the insurgents something… ryhmes with mesperate.


    Yes, but you’re missing the larger point- what about all those millions of people in iraq who weren’t blown up yesterday? huh?

    (In case you wondered, I’ve been studying the rummy method of interpretation. How’d I do?)


    How’d I do?

    We would suggest:

    Were there a few isolated incidents yesterday? Yes. Did casualties result? Yes. Does that mean the situation is out of control? No. Will we be able to help Iraqis build a free and prosperous Iraq? You bet!


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