We pay a visit to an old friend

Before our switch to Movable Type, we had written about an eBay user who tended to leave peculiar responses to his feedback. Today, we turn our attention to feedback he leaves for others:

  • Payment received within 3 hours via delivery monkey. Monkey wanted a tip though.
  • fast shipment, I will use this new camera lens to set ants on fire!
  • Paid quick! Please don’t use this mp3 player to steal from the RIAA!
  • Once left, I cannot edit or retract this feedback. So thank you for paying me.
  • This guy’s fast payment saved my marriage.
  • This guy paid me with PayPal and my shoes fell off. I’m sad, yet happy. Wow.
  • Item arrived so fast that my head spun. I am in the hospital now. Thanks Jenny.

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    Unaccountably, you left out, “When these items arrived, I immediately duct taped them to my dog’s butt.”


    This one is priceless:

    Payment for wang extender received very promptly. Enjoy & good luck!


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