You know what, that just doesn’t sound good

In yet another round of electricity in Iraq related news:

[Nick] Horne, for his part, was a computer consultant attracted by the idea of working in Iraq. He took a taxi from Jordan to Baghdad and landed a job as the CPA’s senior adviser for electricity. He said he found himself briefing Bremer on the country’s critical electricity grid, which he didn’t yet understand. [Emphasis added]

In other related news:

Despite promises by the Coalition Provision Authority (CPA) to rebuild and expand Iraq’s infrastructure, Iraq is still not producing as much electricity or as much oil on a sustained basis as it was just before the war, according to the report which blames a combination of sabotage by insurgents and incompetence and profiteering by big U.S. companies like Halliburton that captured virtually all of the reconstruction contracts to the exclusion of more-experienced Iraqi firms.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for a correction (or even a reply to our email.)


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Influence Peddler

That’s OK, Bremer wouldn’t have understood it either.


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