Today’s Megan “Jane Galt” McArdle Moment

Above: Class status, good looks,
and so much more!

Markets in everything
20 Aug 2007 06:16 pm

Sweatshop copies of great art. Weren’t many of the originals produced in similar factory-like conditions? Professor? Mr Teachout? Mr Capps? Anyone?

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What she’s really saying:

  • Hello, well-known art bloggers — it’s me at the Atlantic! Ahem, weren’t many of the originals of these great works of art (Kneller’s William III, Holbein’s Henry VIII) produced in sweatshop-like conditions in which the artists were paid tiny sums per painting? I seem to dimly remember something like this from an art history class. Free markets are truly everywhere. No time to Google! Expect to hear from you guys soon!

The actual answer:

  • No. Um, what? Er, wait a second, are you talking about the apprenticeship system? Art as a product of aristocratic patronage? Medieval guilds? What could you possibly be…?


See Roy for yesterday’s incredible and skull-exploding McArdle moment.


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God, she’s infuriating. I repeat, it’s a damn shame what’s happening to the Atlantic. From Emerson, Lowell, and Longfellow to this stupid, callow twit.


What’s the market for posting streams of incoherent sentence fragments on the internet?

I might be willing to change jobs…


The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons. — R.W. Emerson

Hysterical Woman

Is she trying to use the Jonah Goldberg method of research?


Dog update – the kennel turned us on to a great dog-sitter who is a vet assistant and a neighbor. So both geriatric dogs will be staying at home while we’re away, and the sitter is well-experienced at cleaning up incontinent dogs (has even shown me some better techniques). She used to care for sheep, who have even a worse problem with poop than fluffy dogs.

So the malamute has a reprieve.

I feel relieved. It all felt so much like my decision was being forced.

Of course, Megan would say its his own fault for being old and sick.

Incontinentia Buttocks

Distort D’Nouza and a number of other neocon hacks have long appeared regularly in even-the-liberal Atlantic Monthly. Of particular note is editor and “travel writer” Robert D. Kaplan, who has produced a steady stream of hysterical, bed-wetting accounts of the rest of the world. After 9/11, he began to call for America to adopt a “pagan morality” in combatting all these nasty, disorderly brown people.

In short, Dominique Francon’s appearance in its pages, while embarrassing, is pretty much par for the course.

For years, the only thing really worth reading in that rag has been Corby Kummer’s excellent food column.


Very glad to hear that you’ve found a good solution, g. Hugs to you and your dogs.


good news g.

You’re right, of course, that if the dog hadn’t been such a hard partier in his earlier days, what with the blow and the bitches and all, he wouldn’t be old now.


What the…it looks like he’s wearing makeup in that picture. And what kind of a name is “Megan?” This guy looks like a total wimp.


I say we rebuild at the WTC site using slaves. It worked for the pyramids when there was a market in people.


Harper’s is looking better all the time.


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Dog update

Good news! Enjoy the trip.


I say we rebuild at the WTC site using slaves. It worked for the pyramids when there was a market in people.

Well, Mr. Bubba, you made me laugh. Bitterly, but I needed a laugh.

And, G, I’m glad you found a solution (however temporary) for your Malamute’s problems.


Is she trying to use the Jonah Goldberg method of research?

Is that the one where you say “Well, I don’t know anything about this but I’m going to open my yap anyway”?


I think that’s “I _definitely_ don’t know anything about this, _and_ I’m going to open my yap _as loudly as possible_.” They’re not embarrassed by ignorance. They’re proud.


g: Glad problem is at very least postponed. Enjoy your trip.
I now intend to make use of my abundant spare time to comment on every one of Megatron’s posts, until; A) I’m banned; B) She makes like Sully & has no comments; C) They let her go. Good thing I have plenty of time on my hands.


Just as there is a market for flat-headed, toothless dwarfs who perform fellatio, there is also a market for McArdle’s brand of tripe.


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