Kick it way over the crossbar like Beckham



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Is Lisbon still standing?


a bit harsh, but when rooney went out it really was up to beckham to lead….and he did not.
please don’t let the fallen giants(ahem, sorry i got something caught in my throat) be the story. if you saw the greece victory last night, you know this is not what is happening. the favorites are being disposed of by better football TEAMS. though i pulled for england, mostly because of rooney (ok, yes, i’m an everton fan), this tournament is amazing. listening to martin tyler call “the greatest shock defeat in football history” brought me back to my senses from a world gone mad. if you haven’t seen it, and heard the commentary, go see it for yourself if you really love football for more than your team’s success.


Yes, I loved the France/Greece game too! Keep soccer related news coming on this site. It beats having to hear about Bush’s latest stupid interview.


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