Well aren’t you lucky!

Sadly, we must take an early leave from the duties of Sadly, No! today Oskar is really bummed out about yesterday’s football game, and we promised we’d go out looking for junk mail together.) The good news however is that we’ve decided to post this week’s Flash Friday a day early. (Which means Flash Friday has, for all practical purposes, never actually been posted on a Friday. But we digress.)

Last week, we told you that our latest effort was totally awesome. (And no besides that were involved!) Well, this week’s animation makes last week’s look like a piece of crap. We kid you not. Sadly, No Love! will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will show you that when you get right down to it, and all appearances to the contrary, the good people of Sadly, No! truly are romantics at heart. Vicious, petty, mean-spirited, hateful, kick-a-man-when-he’s-down, wouldn’t-spit-on-his-hair-if-it-was-on-fire romantics. So sit back, put away your beverages, and enjoy Sadly, No Love!

Technical Notes: Animation is, yet again, a healthy 6MB, with every megabyte better than the next. Or something.

Credits: Were it not for Pete M. from The Dark Window, these things would consist of 3 pictures and 1 quote, circling around for 4 minutes. So we thank him once again for his essential, and invaluable, assistance. Fellow freedom-hater Blair also provided valuable feedback. [In other Pete M. related news, he has the latest on Wilson C. Lucom. Read it now before the authorities find out about it.]

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Bloody marvelous 🙂


really hysterical. Thanks!


Seb’s Latest Revelation

When Sultan Seb No, my dastardly nemesis, phoned last week and demanded access to my prized Wing Nut photo collection, I could hear a note of frantic alarm in his voice.

“Seb…are you okay?” I asked, pretending to be concerned.

“No, Pete, I th…


Has the bar just been raised for amateur animations once again?

Incredibly, Yes!


It freezes for me about halfway through, at the quote by the guy from World Net Daily. Have tried rebooting and deleting the file from the cache. argh. :/


Very fuckin’ funny, as Cheney might say.


It wasn’t until the Limbaughs split up that I realized the full impact same sex marriage would have on the traditional family. This is just the beginning: Jack and Jeri Lynn Ryan also divorced after gay marriage was legalized. Oh, the pity!

Loved the line about Clarence Thomas’ happy marriage. Things do go better with Coke!


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