LOLconCON (A Convention Of LOLcons)!!1

By John:

Above: Mark Foley

By M. Bouffant:

Above (l-r): George W. Bush, Karl Rove

By Instaputz:

Above: Michael Ledeen

By Lame Man:

Above: Ann Coulter

By Drummer Hoff:

Above: Benjamin Netanyahu

Above (l-r):Ahmed Chalabi, Mohammed Khatami, unidentified Iranian official

Above: Richard Perle

Above (l-r) Ahmed Chalabi, Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz:

By His Grace:

Above: Harry Whittington

By Teh Mysterious Not-Brad-R.-Person:

Above: Definitely Not Ann Althouse

By Scott Durocher:

Above: Charles Krauthammer

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita. (Online LOLcat builder here.)


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Pretty good. 🙂


Davros always gave me nightmares.


Who is the blonde, the young one near the end? She’s the only one I don’t recognize.


Look at that comb over on Richard Perle! Reason right there to know he lies about everything.


Is paradox an A!thouse spy? Young, indeed.


The Davros one needs “XTERMIN8!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I seriously never knew about Charles’ situation until the LolCons.


Essay: “I’m the proud owner of Karl Rove’s father’s solid gold cock ring.”

a different brad

Whooooooooo am I
oo oo, oo oo

*couldn’t help self*


paradox is cool, Marita; sadly, The Left Coaster doesn’t much follow the denizens of outer wingnuttia. We should encourage the expanding of horizons to include teh funny. Yay, paradox, come toward the light!


Davros + Charles Krauthammer = shear genius


I don’t get the Charles Krauthammer one at all and it’s still awesome.


Scareskraut! From Planet Skaro indeed!


I call him Cabbagehammer. So he could be Scarecabbage.


Holy crap, Krauthmmer is perfect.


comedy’s all about timing. Putting Charlie last; perfection.


“Karl Rove said, iz been pepurrin ur dizcors wif teh fashist retorik,dun now.Kthxbai!!!!1!!!”


wtf is Coulter eating? She dont look so good


Dood, you do that much coke, you can’t even THINK about eating. The very presence of the food on your table is enough to cause you to gag…



Meh… played out, I think.


Scott Durocher’s (any relation to “Leo the Lip?”) Hammer of the Cabbages is the winnah!
Definitely Not Ann is so out-of-focus it takes years off.
Dep’t. Of “Web Log” Pimping: A link to mine would’ve made it a bit more comprehensible, but I’m grateful nonetheless. KThx!!
Let me pimp a fine Photoshoppery:
And remember, any mention of RON PAUL is guaranteed to increase traffic. (Now if we could just get his supporters to go play in traffic.)
“Y 2dnd link no worx?’


The Davros one needs “XTERMIN8!!!!!!!!!!!!”

hehe )

How about Thomas Friedman with “suk on it” or something?





Just wondering when Marita came up with the name LOLcons

Herr Doktor Bimler

Benjamin Netanyahu:
Invisible Handcuffs


RandonObserver – Davros was the creator of the Daleks, the most fearsome creatures in the Universe (except where there are raised curbs) and Doctor Who’s greatest enemies!


Gavin – I think you should go with the previously mentioned calendar idea. So far you have:
1 – the poster of Michelle Malkin
2 – the “back to work on your book Jonah
3 – the Crazy Althouse
4 – the Davros/Krauthammer one above
5 – My Pokemons
6 – Pam Atlas Fugitive Watch
7 – and last but not least the “Yull nevah prove nuthin’, ya frickin’ Muzzie camel-humpah!” one.

Any other nominations?


Above (l-r) Ahmed Chalabi, Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz:

so, Iraq was only one guy after all?

No wonder the “war” went so quickly! But he seems to be causing a whole lot of trouble for one person…

P.S. has anyone check his back pockets for those WMDs yet?


Ann Coulter is looking old. Or at least she looks as if she needs more sleep and less eyeliner.


blowback, forget curbs! Don’t you know – Daleks can flyaaaaaie!


*sniff* I’m so proud. Thanks, y’all. I did a Great Gazoogle Image search for Krauthammer + Davros and got nothing. A situation I felt needed remedying toot sweet.
Just wasn’t sure if it was too mean. I mean, his face fit in there so perfectly, and it isn’t any meaner than the real thing, so….


Ahmed Chalabi, Mohammed Khatami, unidentified Iranian official

I R poking U!


Yeah, iamcoyote, I know that Daleks can fly now, but when I first encountered them way back in December 1963, they could not fly which somewhat blunted the threat. Personally, I always thought that the Cybermen were more scary than the Daleks for that very reason.


Curses! Defeated by the evil flight of stairs!


Duros62 – since you seem to have a copy of Photoshop, how about replacing Davros’ face with the Ann Coulter one above.

BTW, what amazes me about the Charles Krauthammer version is that he looks totally right without any prosthetics – unlike one of the actors who played him(guy on the right). Do you think that Krauthammer really could be from the planet Skaro?


Jesse Helms reminded me of Davros once, actually, when he was gesturing with only one hand and giving a thinly-disguised bigoted speech on the Senate floor years ago Krauthammer as Davros is in horrible taste, but it’s also damn funny and on target.

A good set!


Duros62 – since you seem to have a copy of Photoshop, how about replacing Davros’ face with the Ann Coulter one above.

Davros is not sufficiently evil enough for the Coultergeist.


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