Above: Glenn Reynolds

Above: Bob Allen (R-Merritt Island [FL])

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita. (Online LOLcat builder here.)

[Submitted by Notochord]


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Mommy! Mommy! Mommy make the bad man go away!

He looks at me when I’m asleep! He’s behind the blower in the ceiling!

Help me, mommy, I’m scared!


He’s behind the blower in the ceiling!

He’s behind the blower in the ceiling? I thought he was the blower in the ceiling.


ceiling bob.

Ceiling Bob!

CEELING B0B!!!1!11


about sex -something you didn’t know-


Umm, I’m a whole lot more worried about Ceiling Bogdan. He seems to be everywhere I go this morning.

Hold me…

Not you, Bogdan…



Did I say it was the n*ggers fault? I meant Cubans. Vote Bob Allen!,0,7520752.story


I sure hope this LOLcons thing runs out of steam soon.

And if I ever catch the guy that started “icanhazcheezeburger”, well, lets just say I have a friend at Gitmo…


In Soviet Florida, prostitutes get oral sex from you.


It is pretty funny- for a while anyhow. I guess I’m starting to OD a little.


boo Jeff! yay LOLcons.

the GR one is hilarious. Ceiling Bob is disturbing me. I have ceiling panels in my office. WHAT IF HE IS UP THERE?!


Notochord is always awesome. ALSO, CAN WE GET SOME CREDIT HERE?????

There are tons of awesome taglines generated by the very public that so craves more LOlCons, and note the date stamp- we’re so far ahead of the trend we’re like an Apple Newton!


The Glenn Reynolds LOLcon is one of the funnier ones yet . But it would have been even better (if such a thing is conceivable) if it had read “I iz all up in yer singularity”.


I think the attraction to the LOL(whatevers) situation is the interactivity of it all.

Kinda like Golf: Anyone can hit it out of the park and score a touchdown.


Yes, the Glenn Reynolds one is absolutely perfect.


Sure is. Cooking with gas.


I have a robo Glenn Reynolds if anybody wants it.


I sure hope this LOLcons thing runs out of steam soon.

Dood: this LOLcon thing will never run out of steam. It is the source of endless hilarity.

And the thing is, while it may not be obvious to the adoring Sadly No public, don’t tell anybody but these LOLcons are a snap to produce. Gavin can churn these things out by the dozens.

And its amazing how they just seem fresher and fresher every day! I can’t believe it!

They should just get rid of that tired old “Sadly No” name. That kind of seemed clever for a while but it can’t hold a candle to the sheer genius of the LOcon. Nope, they should change their name to, fire HTML Mencken and the rest, and just have Gavin pop those puppies out like rabbits.

Oh no!

I haz mixd meta4s!



“I’m waiting for the politics to say it’s OK to hug Bob Allen again — and they will,” he said.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy, make the bogey man go away!



introducing the STFcon:

(the anti-LOLcon)



That’s awesome. What can I say other than:



Robo Reynolds is teh funny.

I notice that his spasms of transhumanism often conincide with spasms of survivalism. Whatta freak.


Glenn’s dream is almost here!

Lunar “ark” proposed

Researchers at the International Space University (ISU) in France propose that NASA’s planned lunar base should also include a “biological and historical archive” of human civilization. The idea is that this “ark” would preserve humanity’s history if the Earth is destroyed by an asteroid or comet.


In Soviet Florida, prostitutes get oral sex from you.


That was $20 and an offer for a blowjob, not $20 in exchange for a blowjob.

This will be hilarious forever.



That was $20 and an offer for a blowjob, not $20 in exchange for a blowjob.

This will be hilarious forever.

Have you seen the guy? I wouldn’t touch him with someone else’s dick for $20. Maybe $50


Pinko, nobody gives the Bulls any propos anymore because that damn blog is MAKING TOO MUCH SENSE!!!


Dude, rememeber when whoever it was said:

Glenn Reynolds: “im in ur future, snorting ur nanobots”

Come on, that was totally awesome and PATENTED LolCon. You will be hearing from New York Law Firm.


Lunar “ark” proposed…

Been there, done that…

Big Kahuna Burger

Funny you said Apple Newton, Pinko– looks like you’re more like Leibniz.


Lunar “ark”?

Did I miss a pun?

lunar ark
lunar arc

I plead insanity.


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