Yeah, imagine that!

Paula Jones, who like Paul Harvey is not yet dead, is mad:

Frustrated that ex-president Bill Clinton is still insisting he never sexually harassed her in interviews about his memoir “My Life,” former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones is challenging him to a public debate. […]

“He still thinks that that was not an admission of guilt when he settled out of court with me,” she said, referring to the sexual harassment lawsuit she launched in 1994 that ended in Clinton’s impeachment.

He still thinks that, does he? We wonder why:

Clinton-Jones settlement text
Whereas it is the desire of all the parties to end the above-captioned litigation for all purposes, it is hereby stipulated and agreed as follows: […]

5. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed to be an admission of liability or wrongdoing by any party;

With her $850,000 maybe Paula can sign up for some reading comprehension courses.


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but, see, it didn’t say anything about ‘guilt’, just ‘liability’ and ‘wrongdoing’!

nyah nyah didn’t say Simon Says!

poor Paula, still wants her 15 minutes of fame back. She can’t even achieve ‘Hollywood Squares’ has-been status.


Jesus H. Christ, can’t she give it a rest? The guy allegedly flaps his dick at her, she says “no way,” he puts said dick away and leaves. She suffers no adverse employment consequences whatsoever. He never again comes on to her. She gets $850,000 for his alleged dick-flapping. He also gets impeached, and Dubya becomes president as a result of said dick-flapping. Can’t she just content herself with her money and shut up already? (If Bill wants to flap his dick at me and give me $850,000 for doing so, I’d be delighted.)


I take comfort in the fact that she owed her lawyers millions.


Bet she’ll back out of the debates like she backed out of facing Tonya Harding in the boxing ring.


And isn?t there also some evidence that Paula more clearly perjured herself in the suit … and wasn?t sanctioned?

Oh, and as for bad things that have happened to her, remember also that her rabid Clinton-hating husband left her.


I don’t think perjury laws can be applied to statements made in discovery (which Jones’ case never left), but, yeah, Paula certainly brought more fudge than Bill to the proceeding. Example: Paula claimed to have never received any raise in pay after the dickflap, demonstrably untrue.

A plainer example of a nuisance lawsuit I cannot imagine. The case was summarily dismissed and appealed; Paula’s lawyers had made it clear that they’d withdraw services if she didn’t accept the offer from Clinton.

Paula supposedly received two hunnerd large– uh, that’s $200,000– from the settlement, the remainder going to her various teams of lawyers, advisors, fashion consultants, elves, puppeteers, etc., along with promises of further compensation from Paula’s “future earnings.”

Stop laughing, it’s unseemly.


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