Above: Michelle Malkin

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita. (Online LOLcat builder here.)


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I amz Jon Doe. Hah I foild u.



Don’t tell the tr0ll!

P.S. I like yours, too, WT.


“YES WAI! IR irratabul cuz my vagisyl are borked. NE QUESTSHUN?”



Big Kahuna Burger



The stupid. It burns.


no rly i wite enuff no camp 4 me


Oh, and good work BKB. I figured you’d put that caption on this guy, but what a pleasent surprise!


mia vaginaz angwry


manik con is manik


no kuuze 4yu


By the way, FDL is hosting Rick Noriega today. Rick is seeking to kick John ‘Box Turtle’ Cornyn out of the U.S. Senate.

I kicked in $100 plus a 10% tip for Act Blue.


Would somebody explain the joke to Psycheout? I’m sure he feels horribly left out. You can tell he desperately wants to be one of the Kool Kidz because he keeps coming here.

Poor little fella. Somebody help him out.


I wish I had that kind of money to give, thunder. Unfortunately my disposable cash ATM is slightly higher than your contribution.

Hoosier, you are aware that Psycheout is a bit…different than most of the trolls here?


D. Aristophanes a winner is you


Somebody explain it to me while you’re at it.

It’s like mustard seed. Or sesame oil. A tiny bit adds some flavor.

Use too much, the dish is inedible….


Soaring American Eagle

If you librul heathens want to know TEH TRUTH, you will read this website:


I don’t always know what to make of Psycheout. I don’t know what to make of Blogs 4 Brownback. I work as a copy editor at a newspaper in a VERY conservative area and we get stuff for the letters page that is totally batshit crazy nutty nut wingnutalicious. No fake troll can say something so stupid that there isn’t a sincere conservative saying something stupider with a complete lack of self-awareness that he is saying something stupid.

So I just go along with it. It’s fun!


The Daily Brownbacker? (Rubs eyes with fists, does double-take.)

The Daily Brownbacker?

“Condom? No thanks, I prefer to go brownback.”

Soaring American Eagle

Or should that be teh tro0th? LOL


I read that post, ifthethunderdontatya, and if I hadn’t been exposed to the bleatings of the Flat Earth Society lately, I wouldn’t be dubious about Blogs 4 Brownback as hoax site. But the Flat Earth Society is alive and well and their sincere and honest-to-god pronouncements are very much like the gobbledygook in that post.

So I’m still unsure about Blogs 4 Brownback. I mean Mitt Romney is a front-runner. How the Hell?

But, if Blogs 4 Brownback is a hoax, it’s the greatest ever!

If it’s real …

God help us all.


Scott: That is rather lame, even for Microsnoft.


In the interests of freedom, democracy, and the spirit of fair play, I visited scott’s place.

I’m guessin’ he wanted to post this link.


Good guess. My bad. Got in a hurry.


Oh, and thanks for posting the right one.


I’ve been a long time reader of Sadly No. I’m glad to see that they have abandoned LOLcons. Tha.worst.cosept.evah! OKTHXBYE!


It appears now, based on the responses here, that the movie “Idiocracy” is not set in the future but is actually a documentary.


Works for me, especially on a slow Friday afternoon or a lazy saturday morning. Let your inner kitten run free!


It appears now, based on the responses here, that the movie “Idiocracy” is not set in the future but is actually a documentary.

Really? Not based on the state of America at large?

Like “Whoops! We just lost slightly under 200,000 guns in Iraq! Who could have possibly foreseen that arming resistance fighters would create the potential for losing massive amounts of small arms?”

Or 1991: “Saddam Hussein has nukes!” 2002: “Saddam Hussein has nukes!” Then c. 2004 to present: “Who could have foreseen that the claim that Hussein had nukes would be politically-motivated bullshit?”

I dare say a few pictures of wackos with ungrammatical captions pales in comparison to the havoc that has been created by the idiots in the Bush administration.


Shouldn’t Michelle have the “I can has puppyburgers?” caption?


What about that neocon hack harris faulkner? get her too!!


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