Should we RSVP now or later?

Reader Alan (who is known to refer to this blog as Sadly, Seb) draws our attention to this Mrs. du Toit post:



and wish to get together on September 11, 2004. […]

Time: 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Where: The Du Toit Home

Calling this a “party” would be crass. But it is, sort of, a party. It’s more of a celebration that we’re still here? still fighting? but also to commiserate about the atrocities of the day with people of good cheer and good company.

We’re opening this up to all who might want to attend, in Texas and out of it. We are not going to create a celebrity roster of the bloggers who may or may not attend. Let me say that more simply: We are not going to disclose who is coming or not coming. [Emphasis added]

So, for those who are still fighting along with the 101st Fighting Keyboarders? … be there (and ever so totally square.) [101st Fighting Keyboarders is a registered trademark of TBOGG, used without permission.]


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Now why do I get the feeling that this will be like some kinky-swinger’s party.

Maybe they should invite Jack Ryan (if he could get his ex-wife to come I might be temped to go…)


in Texas and out of it

I see potential for a title of a video here…

Smitty Werbenmenjensen

If 101st Fighting Keyboarders is a registered trademark of TBOGG industries, can I claim the 1st Alabama Flying Mailsorters (Bush’s supposed unit in Alabama) as my registered trademark?


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