Above (from left): Jim Furyk, Tom Watson and Tom Friedman

‘LOLcons’ concept created by Jon Swift and named by Marita. (Online LOLcat builder here.)


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I woulda had to go with something more along the lines of:

The game is close, but we should know the outcome in the next six months…

(Sorry, I’m still trying to learn to speak kitten)



lolcat bldr is brohkn, oh noes.


For this pic:

Y he keep talkin bout cabdriverz?



I can to suggest teh cabdriverz1?


C’mon guys, I know its Friday and shit, but if you don’t at least try to space the phonin-it-in posts out a bit, the rubes might catch on…


Teh golf corse is round, i can has royalties upfront 4 nubook? KBAI


I can has wood now plz?


We need a Bob Allen LolCat– STAT.

I is in ur restroom paying 2 b teh suxxor.

Someone set us up the blow job.


Let it not be said that I cannot make a lame contribution.


I are an xprt on lame. Yrz iz not lame. LOL! kthxbye


I are an xprt on lame. Yrz iz not lame. LOL! kthxbye

Ok, I’m really starting to miss some intelligent conversation…



Am I the only one who thinks this site has gone downhill as of late?

I’m in ur comment secshun givin u crap.


Am I the only one who thinks this site has gone downhill as of late?

Holy crap you said something I can agree with!


My contribution as an English teacher.


Why no linky, I wonder?


‘Sokay, Simba. Psycheout’s a lefty. He’s running a game. Not sure where the payoff lies, but hey, I didn’t set up his op.



Um, mikey, what are you cooking for dinner?


Shalom gentlemen.


What liberal fallicies are you spewing today.


Psychedelic mushrooms, obviously g, if he thinks I’m a lefty! LOLcons! Suxx0rz!

Sadly no, has stooped sadly low.


I’m really close from dropping Sadly No from our Weirdos blogroll section. At least Pinko Punko is funny, if not totally strange.


“really close to”

Whatever. Actually it’s been done.


My man Tom Tancredo came in SECOND PLACE! in the Iowa straw poll ahead of both Guliani and Thompson! Tancredo 08!


Friday night. I’m gonna have a couple extra cocktails tonight. I have, however prepped and put in tupperware some chopped chorizo, some sweet italian sausage and some summer sausage, some sliced bell peppers, some chopped portabellos and some sliced shallots. Along with about some shredded mozzarella and cheddar. And a boboli crust. And some store-bought pizza sauce (yeah, I know, but I really don’t LIKE the sauce so I use very very little. So ultimately, who cares, y’know? Before I lay down the cheese I’ll spritz it with some balsamic vin and some cayenne pepper and that will kind of liven it up, y’know?



Hilldog, Osama Obama and the breck girl won’t stand a chance!


Don’t count those votes, Saul, until they’ve actually been cast. Your man SaTancredo may be offering fabulous free prizes including a tour of the Capitol, but he is a one issue candidate who stinks.


Psycheout I apologize I didn’t know you were a conservative. Sorry brother.


No problem, Saul, but I bet The Tanc tanks tomorrow.

May the best funded (Mittens) win. May the best man win second place! 😉


I do like Senator Brownback however. I strongly agree with his pro-life stand.


I fucking hate Tom Watson. Cocksucker got Gary McCord (UC Riverside grad) kicked off the Masters telecasts.


kingubu warned us of the rubes, but did we listen? No. And now SN is all saul all the time.




Wingnuts are coming over to Sadly,No to trade love notes?


“Wingnuts” or more super-lame unfunny “LOLcons.”

Your choice.


Ay, joo pipples, the l@lthouse, she was mine.

Do no force me to bathe at joo dismissively.

Because I can, joo know.

Oh si.


Psycheout: Saw your slob candidate on Tardball today, wearing a green polo shirt. Has he no respect? Where was his suit & tie? P. S. He was a day late for wearing green.
Gun Counter Gomer is here.



Your choice.

This is when I drop through a secret hole in the floor.


Lessee…it’s 11pm on a Friday night. I’m not particularly sleepy, nor do I have anything to do or anywhere to go.

Ah hell, why not?


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