Amber’s Knight in Shining Armor

The Dickification of the Western Female, posted last November, is one of our all time favorite Sadly, No! pieces. Written in response to Kim du Toit’s ridiculous The Pussification of the Western Male, we thought it so over the top, so utterly devoid of any logic or reason, that it would likely never be taken seriously by anyone, under any circumstances. Yet should never underestimate the number of people with an internet connection who are humour impaired, so we had added this disclaimer:

[Disclosure: This post is rated I for Irony and S for Sarcasm.]

Thanks to Google, the Dickification essay continues to be read every month. And so it was that the following comment was posted last week by one Jesse:

You should check out Ambers pages and articles, if you read just a little, which i did, from a few different articles, you would see quite clearly that Amber is not being completely facetious nor completely unsatirical.

The thing is Jesse, Amber didn’t really write that essay. That’s why we wrote:

We reprint below an essay sent to us from a woman blogger who has asked that she remain anonymous for now, so we will call her Amber Pawlik to protect her identity. So please sit back, grab an alcoholic beverage, and see what Amber Pawlik [not her real name!] has to say about:

Jesse doesn’t seem to like the Sadly, No! blog though:

The level of response to this article is about as deep and complex as the canned soup you have crammed into Mrs Pawlik’s crockery and should be wiped clean in favor of educated replies.

Alas, that will not likely occur.

The canned soup we have crammed into her crockery? Is your last name Swing, Jesse?

Anyone who mistook her rant here for pure straightforward elucidation is missing something from their own humor… and that would be their funny bone!

Except for that part about how it’s not her rant. We do agree however that Amber’s not had a funny bone in her for a long time (if ever.)


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This is a test, this is only a test.
Had this been a real emergency….well I sure as hell wouldn’t be here posting my first post (sniffle) at Sadly No! now would I?

Ok maybe.

I’m willing to offer Amber my funny bone, but I want dinner and a movie first! Oh, and I despise Coulter as much as she despises everything else, so I hope that won’t be a problem.


You know, thanks to you and the Editors of The Poor Man, I went back and re-read a little of duToit. I will never forgive you for it.

My god, that man is insane. He’s like every person I’ve ever wanted to throttle, all rolled into one.


And his wife had (has?) her own blog, where she defended (defends?) everything he says. Makes ya wonder…


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