Oh Michelle, does this mean we can be friends?

Last week, we made fun of Michelle Malkin over her claims about asylum seekers and refugees (we were wrong,) and her outrage over TIME’s revelation of Dick Cheney’s location (she was wrong.) We were happy to see the following on her blog today:

Last week, I keyed off a Drudge headline about Time magazine’s “revelation” of Dick Cheney’s secret location, Site R. Turns out that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette blabbed about it nearly three years ago!

My bad for castigating Time. The Post-Gazette’s bad for endangering the Veep. Time’s bad for misleading people about not-new news. Drudge’s bad for paying attention to Time.

All that’s missing now is her apology to Captain James Yee. (Well, of course it would have been nice if Michelle had responded to our email pointing out her error, but nobody’s perfect.)



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