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If you encounter Jillian in the comments, be sure to give her a cyber-hug. I won’t go into details, but she’s had a rough week. That is all 🙂

D. Aristophanes adds:


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What the Thunder

From a fellow teacher, hang in there Jillian.

a different brad

I ain’t good at this kinda stuff in non-person, but here’s hoping things get back on track for her soon.


Why, she’s just down there a ways making salient points on the china thread, in spite of a superfluity of stupid.

Ms. Jillian. You know how to find me. It wasn’t that I was mean to my teachers, but they DID give me bad grades. Except for the two I had crushes on. Sixth grade teacher and eighth grade math teacher. But while I’m far too self-centered and judgemental (emphasis on “mental”) to listen to your problems for very long, you can count on me to provide shallow, useless advice on how to deal with it all. I’m not sure what’s holding you back!

We can always chat down in the basement (wink wink!)



This may not help but it sure as hell can’t hurt…


I wish I had something witty, pithy or wise to say. Since I hold none of those qualities, I just want to express my hope that the coming weekend will be better.

That and “a metamorphic aureole is the zone of metamorphic rock formed by contact metamorphosis.”


I love you guys so much. Thank you, a whole lot – this is about the only smile I’ve had in the last few days.


Hey Jillian. Hang in there.


I don’t know what this is about but when I’m down I watch things like this. (large-ish video but well worth it)

Sigur Rós: Glósóli

Hope it helps whatever it is.


Me an Gavin say hi. An you can have som of my dry fud!!


My geriatric malamute will sit by your side and look up adoringly at you with his one blue and one brown eye. That always works for me.


Jillian, if the services of a small but *very* efficient contract killer would be of any use… I would be willing to mail you our Maine Coon, the Demon Kishkan. No, really, it’s no trouble at all…

Seriously, though, whatever (whoever) the problems are, you’ve got a lot of people sending good kharma your way.


Best to, Jillian. Hope things are better soon.


Hi Jillian, I think we argued all night one night on Sadly, No!, about the virtues of the demoncratic party.

I’m still saying they don’t steenk as bad as the pukes, but you made good points that hold up over time.

Hang in there, please!


Dunno if this will get out but…

((((((((Hugs))))))))) to, Jillian. Why’s your week so bad. We need context, damnit, context!

Spokane Moderate

I wish I could say it better, but I want to add my voice to the chorus.

Jillian, hang in; you’ve got more people behind you than you realize.


Thanks to Jillian for the curried tofu.


Let’s go Jillian, let’s go! WOO WOO
Let’s go Jillian, let’s go! WOO WOO

Erm… sorry, I’m not good at this sort of thing, but I hope things get better for you.



Your comments are always intelligent and inciteful and make me laugh my silly hairy white ass off.

Thank you so much for being Jillian.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

What Marco said:
Your comments are always intelligent and inciteful and make me laugh my silly hairy white ass off.
Thank you so much for being Jillian.

Except I’d probably say your comments are more insightful than inciteful. And probably not so much of the hairy arse.

But big hugs, whatever your problem is. I’m sure my sister Luschka could help, as she’s a very snuggly cat: she’s currently perched precariously on the back of the neck of the handmaiden as she types. Burmese love cuddles, it’s their mission in life, and if I had a teleport I’d fling her the 6,000-odd miles to give you a good furry snorgle.

Plus then I’d get the chicken necks all to myself.


I wish you better times ahead, Jillian. I hadn’t noticed you around here as much a little while ago and I didn’t like it.


Sorry ’bout “inciteful”

Iz so foooked up nowz.

Love you too, my glorious kitty overlord.

Between you and Jillian and D. Sidhe and Mikey and even you a diffbrad, well I would not have survived the last couple years.

Thanks so much from the very bottom of my existence.

And no jokes about my bottom. It’s white hairy skinny and it’s mine.


For the love of God, man, bring in the kittens, stat!

Jillian, I’m mostly a lurker ’round here, but you certainly have my fondest heathen prayers. And they are very heathen, trust me.


Offers you puppies and one very cute hippo to make you smile.

Chin up, the sun is bound to shine again soon.

Mike Allen's Brother

Jillian, honey, here’s twenty dollars, let me make you feel better


I hope it gets better, Jillian, whatever it is. We’re sending good thoughts your way. May I offer lolcats in addition to hugs?



Jillian, if you pop down a couple of threads, you can see mikey thrashing a couple of stupider trolls.

It perked me right the hell up.

My other suggestion would be to stop by 3Bulls and try to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE!! It never makes any sense, but it’s entertaining as three emus eating pork sammiches.

And if all else fails, remember we are all sending you good thoughts and kitty pictures over these here intertubes.

Hang in there babe.

Mehitabel the Abyssinian

Mmmm, chicken necks.


Muah, muah darling


Hey Jillian

I lurk here lots, and your comments are among the half-dozen “A-list” commentators’ I scan for.

Hugs from downunda. Uh, geographically speaking.


hey jillian,

i don’t know what’s troubling you, but a few years ago while writing a thesis and hating nearly every minute of it, i discovered that a google images search for “meerkats” did a lot toward making me feel better. i hope the portly gregarious little bandits help you out too.



Hey kiddo,don’t know whats up,and I’m a new fish but all the best.Japanese toys always make me feel better,heroin was good but ,stick to Japanese toys,Couldn’t hurt.



Yep, trenchant, funny, super-smart, writes fat-free prose sharp enough to etch a mirror with– all that and more.

There’s nothing I can say about your contribution here that hasn’t already been said so I’ll go for a silly personal thing: until you ‘fessed up to it one day, I thought I was the only person who has to shove books aside to make room for themselves in their own bed. Like I said, silly, but I found it humanizing and utterly charming.

Here’s a little appropriate Fruvousishness.

Take care, sister. If there’s anything we can do, don’t hesitate.


I like Jillian – and I don’t like many people. So my hug is that much more powerful. Here’s a hug.


until you ‘fessed up to it one day, I thought I was the only person who has to shove books aside to make room for themselves in their own bed….

Back in a less literate but more well-read age, piles of books occupying most of the bed-surface used to be referred to as “the scholar’s mistress”. I am not making this up!


A little something to lift your spirits

Arkansas Woman Has 17th Child, Two Are James Brown’s

Mrs. Duggar’s scheduling secretary, Glory B. Hendrickson, said “the boss lady” would have no comment about James Brown, nor would she identify which of her seventeen children were fathered by Mr. Brown.

A close friend of the Duggars said she wasn’t surprised at the James Brown revelation, nor did it make her think any less of Mrs. Duggar.

“Michelle can get pregnant if Jim Bob sneezes near her,” said the friend. “I expect she might of gotten Mr. Brown’s autograph or something and she got pregnant just by contact, you know, or maybe they used one of them co-ed restrooms.”

I think I see the problem.


Back in a less literate but more well-read age, piles of books occupying most of the bed-surface used to be referred to as “the scholar’s mistress”.

I probably would’ve known that if I read more…


Incontinentia Buttocks


You’re among my very favorite Sadly, No! commentators (and that’s actually saying quite a lot given the folks who congregate here). Not that that’s really the issue; I’d hate to have people’s sympathy for me determined by whether or not my comments are witty or wise.

Hope things improve for you! Hang in there!!



Jillian: things always get better, but the wait surely can suck. Hope it’s not a horrible grim tragedy. I may be in worse shape than you (a tragedy of sorts a few months ago, & life in general) if schadenfreude helps any.
But it will get better, & it looks like everyone around here cares as much as we can through cyberspace.
P. S.: Still laughing over the Safety Signs thingy you linked to a couple wks. ago. Thanks for that!!


Holy shit, sarah’s not kidding about the meerkats thing. Meerkat needlepoint!

*off to google aye-aye images*



I hope that whatever is happening, you are able to get through it quickly. You know you are one of my fave commenters, and people to talk to here. Like M. Bouffant, I have been laughing over that signs thing you posted not too long ago.

I hope that you, and M. Bouffant, all who are going through tough times get out of them soon.

And would still love to have a drink with U.

Herr Doktor Bimler

piles of books occupying most of the bed-surface used to be referred to as “the scholar’s mistress”. I am not making this up!
Hang on, Fritz Leiber reckoned he made it up.
It is not that books are taking up space on the bed… it is more a case of sleeping in an extension of the bookshelf.



I can’t get out right now to find a good Hallmark card (blissful poetry, those guys write), and my own words are inadequate at an important time like this.

So, lemme get back to you…….

In the meantime, maybe these pearls of wisdom from the Hindu tradition will help: “Life sucks. And then you die. And then you come back.”

Er, maybe not. Lemme get back to you…


‘Nother hug from ‘nother semi-lurker, Jillian. Good wishes are on the way. Careful, though, they got jelly and powdered sugar on ’em.

Emperor U.S.A. (the naked truth)

You’re the best, Jillian. I usually don’t have to comment because you already did. In fact – and I’m not making this up to help you feel better – I just copied one of your comments from a recent thread into an email to a friend yesterday because it was just so perfect (with attribution and a link, of course).

– The commenter formerly known as Mr. Mordant (not that it really matters, but you, HTML and I have represented the Chomsky-lovin’ left before against the sensible liberals, so, you know, it’s coming from someone who considers you a kindred spirit)






**sending good vibes to jillian (and brad’s car)**

(I’d say there’s this rabbi around who could offer some comforting words, but I don’t think he’s up to the task.)


Thus quoth the Clenis:
“I feel your pain”

I was prof./lecturer in a former life, I understand how things go.


Sending good thoughts your way Jillian. Life gets hard, friends and time have helped for me.


A little hug for Jillian.

Meerkat Manor is about to start a new season on the Discovery Channel. I have no clue why,but the little critters always make me giggle.


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles, Jillian. Hope everything gets better.


Jillian, as long as everyone’s giving you hugs, I certainly will, too. And, as long as I’m there, what say I cop a little feel? You might like it, as the bishop said to the actress.


I lack the wit to say something…witty.
So just please, Jillian, accept my well-wishing. Would that I could to more than writing silly words.


Jillian, I hope your situation improves. You are an inspiration to many of us – hang in there! Sending u lots of hugs…


Jillian: purrrrrrrrr. snorgle. knead-with-paws. raspy kisses. purrrrrr.

Hysterical Woman

Hope you feel better, and your troubles wash away.


I am completely speechless and humbled. The world is a much better place than I normally give it credit for – mostly because it’s filled with people like you guys.

Things are looking up a little bit at this point.

Thank you all, so very much.


I have to say in all seriousness, Jillian is part of the solution.

And if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.


Hey, Jillz, IF I were in Fla., I could give ya a real hug instead of a virtual one.

After, that is, I got finished cruising black dudes in some park’s public restroom.


Oh–and, probably a shower!


“Life sucks. And then you die. And then you come back.”

Man, I sure as fuck hope not!


Jillian, whatever the problem, as you can see, everybody here’s got your back. I know I’m late to the party (Thursdays tend to be S,N!-free for me), but I’d like to throw in my lot with the rest of the gang. If there is any way that half-baked, barely-coherent, snarky commentary can help, I have piles of it sitting around here, and it’s yours for the asking. Shipping is free.


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