I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t praise something Max Blumenthal wrote this week. He’s got a real nose for sniffing out the most bizarre corners of Wingnut Nation and reporting them out both humorously and intelligently. Go read.


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So when are you going to post on Bond’s breaking the record?


When he gets off steroids, plays until he’s 55 and hits 400 more home runs.


So you are trying to tell me that at the same time that we are expanding our global empire and concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a few oligarchs, a radical form of Christianity is spreading through our increasingly mercenary military? Why, if that were even possible, it could lead to our decline and fall!

Hey look! A gibbon with a ribbon!


Invade. Check

Kill their leaders. Check

Convert the people to christianity. In Process

This has been the american military strategy in the middle east. As formulated by that noted thinker, Ann Coulter.

We’re fucking doomed…



Attention: low-rated TownHall column.

Michael Medved has the temerity to suggest that nuking Mecca is crazy and the readers take him to task for it.


I’ve got a sister like these guys. Funny how every discussion with her turns to her religion, and how from that point on it is all about what/who/where her religion allows, no demands, that she hate.

Christ’s love anyone?


“mamsie pamsie”

Those OSU folks really know how to mangle a phrase.



“Rational consideration of Tancredo’s proposal, however, leads inevitably, inescapably to one of two conclusions:”

I gotta stop you right there, Mike. “Rational consideration” doesn’t enter into the wingnut cult’s thought-o-sphere. Such thought is verbotten, traitorous, un-Christian, anti-man, homosexually induced, and probably Muslim in nature. This is why your “piece” is getting such a negative reaction. Get with the program, son.


I was wondering what they meant by “mamsie pamie.” I’m guessing that means tours like the ones by Al Franken where they are there merely to entertain, without so much of the presuming to speak for Jebus.


From a comment on the Medved column:

Genocide? Would it have been genocide to nuke all of Russia for the actions of its leaders?

Why yes, yes it would. Next!


Wouldn’t our soldiers in Iraq like down-time activities that don’t involve going house to house and shooting people? Ipods, maybe, or internet time to talk to their families? Oh, wait, I forgot, God told Stephen Baldwin to spread his religion.


Why does no one love these people enough to do an intervention?


With regard to “mamsie pamsie,” I believe that’s the result when you try to say “namby-pamby” and “pansy” at the same time. You know, like you get “frumious” when you try to say “fuming” and “furious” at the same time. Also, he’s an idiot.


O.K.I use to go to AA.meetings with this creature in NY.He is with out a doubt one of the biggest rectums I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.And,I hate his fucking face,have you seen his face?I really fucking hate it.


DEMIZE! You are absolutely correct. There is indeed something very off-putting about his features, as if he’s borderline retarded or something, that made me dislike him even before he decided to substitute God Squadding for whatever addiction drove him to those AA meetings. I think it’s the mouth/jaw, but it may just be the whole thing. Whatever it is, revulsion like that must be some very deep genetic deal, and we should probably have him neutered before he can reproduce again.


OK I admit it, that video game scares and angers me. It scares me because it seems designed to get people used to killing random urban people “for Christ”. It angers me because, since the UN is portrayed as Satan’s stronghold, the game really amounts to a political attack on that institution’s character.


For a damn good analysis of LaHaye and Jenkins and their followers, I recommend the following:

They are scarier (and stupider) than you’d think.


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