Never mind Madonna!

Our favorite Rabbi (no, not Mister T, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach) has some odd praise for Richard Gere on his way to calling Madonna a slut:

If Richard Gere, America’s most high-profile Buddhist, began doing a nude review at the Crazy Horse Saloon, surely the Dalai Lama would distance himself from his protege. Fortunately for the Dalai Lama, Gere has shown that his adherence to Buddhism has ennobled his character and he no longer plays roles like “American Gigolo.”

We don’t know about you Rabbi, but starring in the remake of Masayuki Suo’s Shall We Dance? alongside Jennifer Lopez is the very definition of slutty.

PS: In the last ten years, you may remember Richard Gere from such movies as Unfaithful, “Rated R for sexuality, language and a scene of violence,” The Mothman Prophecies, “rated PG-13 for terror, some sexuality and language,” Dr. T & the Women, “rated R for graphic nudity and some sexuality,” Primal Fear, “rated R for brief grisly violence, pervasive strong language and a sex scene,” and Intersection, rated R.

Talk about “ennobled.”

(Via World O’Crap.) [Changed title and the first sentence.]


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Give him a break, the guy’s an actor for god’s, or buddha’s sake. I don’t care what his religious persuasion is, if he acts well and isn’t engaging in sluttiness for sluttiness’ sake, more power to him.


And even if he IS engaged in sluttiness for sluttiness’ sake, who the hell cares?


Krishna H. Vishnu, where’d the Rabbi get his notions of Buddhism? Buddhists are not notably concerned with sexual morality, which perhaps is why there’s no lama out there who’s made a career out of telling them it’s ok to have oral sex.


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