The truth behind the Sunday Doug Giles Quiz Revealed

Monday is here, and it’s time to find out if, as some speculated, we only pretended some of the Doug Giles quotes were made up, when in fact they were all from TownHall’s most popular pundit. Of the quotes listed (click here or scroll down,) the following were composed by yours truly (with the help of OxyContin, the drug of pundits:)

  • b) My ClashPoint is this: Every exposed nipple on TV acts like a decay agent on our morality tooth.
  • d) It’s about time all your say-nothing, do-nothing Christians open up a can of whoop ass of faith on the intolerant liberal secular minds that won’t rest until God is eliminated from our lives.
  • f) We’ve become a society so free of character that slaying a dragon is no longer a requirement to be elected to the presidency.
  • g) Liberals eat away at our morals, like Michael Moore set free at the opening of a new Krispy Kreme Donuts.
  • (Our favorites were b and g, not that anyone asked or cares.)


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    Cripes! And I was totally taken in too.
    Well done.


    We misunderestimated you.


    JK: You sure did.
    P454: Danke!


    I never realized the Apostles had splotchy faces and would cut people’s microphones while yelling at them to “Shut up!”.


    I’m impressed. But what was it like living in Doug’s head for awhile? Did you feel like slapping yourself at any point?


    Your ersatz “Doug” b.s. smells every bit as strong as s.z.’s ersatz “Ann” crap.

    Perhaps this is a sign from God that the two of you have been blogging too long.


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