Does anyone want one of these?

A combination (very) small fridge and CD player:



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Europe is at least a decade ahead of us as far as mini-cd-fridges go. I blame our woefully underfunded education system.


If there’s no calculator, what’s the point?


It needs to run Linux.


Nah, but I will take any spare alternator for a ’96 Nissan Sentra you might have, though. Goddammit.


Hmm, needs 802.11G and an IP address.

And maybe an icemaker…



Is this the fridge the astronauts use?


If it were made by Apple everyone would think it was totally genius and a complete reinvention of the fridge market.


“Simba B. said,
August 5, 2007 at 22:13

If it were made by Apple everyone would think it was totally genius and a complete reinvention of the fridge market.”

And it would cost $300 dollars.


How about a Printer/scanner/copier/soda fountain?


I’m for anything that makes my CD collection cooler.


…they should of just taken an exisiting product and put a clock on it.


Now if it had a 80GB hard drive and ran off a battery, yes.

BTW, shows just how expensive living in the UK is.

If €1 = £0.6756, €59.90 = £40.47. Cost in the UK: £49.90.

And Tchibo in the UK are cheap.

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One? I want two!


How about a chair with a built-in fridge/CD player?


is this for tailgating midgets?


Does it have speakers? Because, if it has speakers, I could play “Baby I Love Your Way” with the CD player and beat someone up with the fridge at the same time.


What? A music player that isn’t an iPod? Blasphemy! Heresy! The terrorists may yet have won their long-awaited victory over consumer capitalism!!!


Sorry about that, thought I was Thomas Friedman for a while there.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Mini-Kühlschrank mit CD-Player

Personally, I’ll go for anything mit ein kuhlschrank. The Germans have much better words than us, have you noticed? The way they just bung a bunch of words together to make new ones astounds me. There’s something indomitable about a language that has words with dozens of tonsil-tangling syllables. No wonder they won the war.

Eh? They didn’t? Sodbuckets.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Hang on, that fridge seems to hold two small bottles and a piece of mutant fruit. Is it some sort of cunning invasion strategy? The Trojan Mini-Kühlschrank mit CD-Player? Well, bugger me.


bl0ndej0n said,
“Does it have speakers? Because, if it has speakers, I could play “Baby I Love Your Way” with the CD player and beat someone up with the fridge at the same time.”

You’ll probably get some serious skipping if you do that, though.

Which is weird, Qetesh, considering how heavily Germanic English is. And I’m pretty sure that’s a pear. Or possibly an effed up mango.


I want it in Barbie pink.


Seems to me you could play “Baby I Love Your Way” on your iPod and beat them with an ice-cold 12-pack of Coors. That way you’re putting your tools to their best use, and saving a lot of money in the process.

If the bottles are both Everclear and the fruit is a Pomegranate, as long as your Mini-Kühlschrank is mit CD-Player, dude, you’ve got a party!!!



I feel like I’m narcing this thread. I promise I’ll go do something else after this, but; dude.

Y’all gotta find a way to work this into a link re-direct from LGF.


Do I want my CD skipping every time I go for a beer?




add a cupholder and it’s sold.


I have one of those. No matter what disc you put in it only plays Miles Davis.


Does it fit those big Arizona Ice Tea cans? ‘Cause I need that shit.


Can this make CD’s cool again?


But is it big enough for a giant sammich?

Smiling Mortician

No no no, HTML. You’ve missed the point. It’s small enough for a giant sammich.

Think about it.

[nods knowingly]


[Strokes Chin]

[Hitches Breetches]

[Pokes at annoying growth on neck]

[Coughs, Gags and spits a few dozen downy feathers]


Principal Blackman

I want George Costanza’s recliner with built-in mini-fridge.


With a little lead lining, it’d make an excellent portable fallout shelter for my dung beetles.


Hell yeah I want one, whats the sticker price on that sucker?


USB flash drive/PEZ dispenser.


DVD drive/cup holder




I want the world to change. I’ll gladly exchange newfangled useless web/mall store crap for that.


It’s cooler than those full-size fridges that I’ve seen at Best Buy that have an LCD Tee Vee built into their door. Ugh. And, they’re like $1500!


Let’s just say that it’s big enough to store both Michelle Malkin’s and Debbie Schlussel’s brains inside while playing a Jihadi CD — and really, what else could one ask for in a product?


Alcohol and music in one portable gadget! If it could do an oil change and change my tires I’d take two for sure.


AOL installation DVD/coaster


Actually, I’ve already got one, cause Im Frei-Bad ta’ the Bone!


Ganz toll!


Musik mit Frucht über alles!



I do want to express my disappointment that the whole Progressive Blogosphere was missing in action during the whole FISA fiasco….
There was NO posting on this issue on any of the major PB sites during this massive take-away of our rights!

…you were all presumably sipping margaritas and trading barbs with your counterpoints in the MSM at the KOS Conference.

Kind of like fiddling while Rome burned…WTF is with this dumb fridge post?


While I agree there seems to be an unfortuane dearth of commentary on the FISA ruling on your big-dawg blogs, you do realize this particular site is one that concentrates mainly on humor. Teh funny, in other words, so until Ace’ O’ Spades, Heterosexual, or Treason-In-Defense-of-Slavery Guy-Who-Lives-North-of-Virginia starts sighing rapsodic about the government being more able to read their mail before they do, you’re barking at the wrong mailman.

It’s early yet, though, so maybe folks are working on things. Ya know, no one’s stopping you from writing on the topic. That’s the beauty of blogs, they tell me.


I would direct wagonjak to carpetbagger, hullabaloo, political animal, TPM, etc. linked to etc. This has hardly been ignored. Even here at sadlyno, teh place for funny, fierce lamentations were the order of Saturday’s comment sections.

wagonjak should note also that this travesty was pulled off concurrently with the yearlykos thing. Subterfuge, maybe? A back-handed testament to the power of bloggers?

This is not to say that Rome isn’t burning or that no one is fiddling.


And don’t miss Greenwald on the FISA capitulation. He’s positively foaming. This might end up representing a tipping point. Then again, a young film star may get arrested, or photographed without underpants. But hey, anything’s possible, right?


Emperor U.S.A. (the naked truth)

Why is Kevin Fucking Drum linking to CY and Rod Majors/Dirty Sanchez regarding the Beauchamp thing?


–i suppose i could use a nice icy drink from that cooler. the pols in DC just caved to bush on the most important civil liberties issue of our generation. pretty much a humdinger of a disappointment. i’m actually prone in bed over it. which reminds me — there’s porn on this thing somewhere … fluffy


Oh God yes, give to me now!


in terms of pure hilarity, best post and comment thread of the summer.

I Have Spoken.


except for wagonjak.


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