We never met a dead horse we didn’t want to beat

In one of several posts that followed this, Trying to Grok writes:

Many of those commenters from the weekend probably have kids. What if I printed out their comments and showed them to their kids. Look, Timmy, your daddy called me clueless fucktard dumb. And then I explained to little Timmy that his daddy called me that simply because he disagreed with what I had to say. That’s a bad lesson to teach your kids.

My mother reads my blog. So does my first grade teacher. I try to conduct myself in a way that would make both of them proud because they taught me that showing others respect is important. It’s a shame others weren’t taught the same. [Emphasis added]

Trying to Grok, March 21, 2004:

To quote James Lileks: Fuck you.

Apparently, they have first grade on pirate ships nowadays.


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So – Timmy, No! is your son’s name?


Did I read carelessly? Cuz the phrase “clueless fucktard dumb” only shows up on Sadly, No!’s site. I couldn’t find that particular phrase sullying her own comments page.

Yet she’s complaining that her page has been dirtied by that phrase.

Sure, other people called her “fucking stupid,” but not the phrase in question.

Or am I being blonde?


I gotta say, Trying to Grok reasons like she’s in first grade…


I think the phrase in question did appear in her comments, and some just as harsh. I forebore to post to her because, really, what was the point? She is so pathetically ignorant and unfit to be a teacher that its obvious she can’t learn–hasn’t learned, I should say–from nicer comments. But if ordinary means of education have failed her, can abuse really help? probably not. She would have to want to change, and the posts on her site won’t have encouraged that.



To mix movie metaphors, there is no trying to grok. There is grokking and not grokking. There is no try.


GeorgeJ, I wish you were mixing movie metaphors, but the Stranger in a Strange Land project keeps not getting greenlighted.

I blame the Fosterites myself…


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