Gee Dick, do you never tire of repeating yourself?

Coming a close number two to the old “Iraq is doing way better than Germany was in 1945” trick, we get another serving of the Stephen “Case Closed” Hayes diet at TownHall today, courtesy of Richard Miniter:

Every day it seems another American soldier is killed in Iraq. These grim statistics have become a favorite of network news anchors and political chat show hosts. Nevermind that they mix deaths from accidents with actual battlefield casualties; or that the average is actually closer to one American death for every two days; or that enemy deaths far outnumber ours. What matters is the overall impression of mounting, pointless deaths.

Does it look at all familiar? It sure does — indeed, it is word for word the exact same column Mr. Miniter published on TechCentralStation in September 2003.

Timeless crap.


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Lazy, lazy, lazy. But it also shows how resistant the right is to change. They can’t even update their arguments.

But in response to Mr. Miniter’s ridiculous statement. Regardless of the cause of death, be it the result of an accident, friendly-fire or enemy action, a dead soldier is a dead soldier who likely wouldn’t be were they safe at home.


Recycled astroturf? That brings up some interesting metaphysical questions…


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