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Your president, ladies and gentlemen:

The historic depth of Bush’s public standing has whipsawed his White House, sapped his clout, drained his advisers, encouraged his enemies and jeopardized his legacy. Around the White House, aides make gallows-humor jokes about how they can alienate their remaining supporters — at least those aides not heading for the door. Outside the White House, many former aides privately express anger and bitterness at their erstwhile colleagues, Bush and the fate of his presidency.

Bush has been so down for so long that some advisers maintain it no longer bothers them much. It can even, they say, be liberating. Seeking the best interpretation for the president’s predicament, they argue that Bush can do what he thinks is right without regard to political cost, pointing to decisions to send more U.S. troops to Iraq and to commute the sentence of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff.

So Bush’s two proudest achievements are getting people killed and pardoning a convicted felon. What’s more, he takes great pleasure from the fact that people hate him for these actions.

Impeachment, bitches. Start that drumbeat up.


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Start with AGAG. Get him out of the way, and the rest will be laid bare.


But look at the subhead of that article! Only Nixon and Truman scored worse! This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bush is Just Like Truman, when he’s not busy being Just Like Churchill, or Just Like Lincoln, or Just Like Henry V (I actually heard a pundit say this once), or Just Like Jesus Christ…


Oh, it’s Peter Baker again; he’ so still trying to polish a turd evenhanded. Besides:

The deep antipathy to Bush has fueled grass-roots support for impeachment. Democrats have resolved not to do that, remembering the division when a Republican Congress impeached Bill Clinton in 1998 for perjury and obstruction of justice to cover up his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky.

Either the Dems are utterly spineless and uncomprehending of the need for our future history books to show accountability for nation-destroying, tyrannical shitstains, or Baker is quasi-semi-kinda trying to find moral equivalence between a trumped-up BS political witchhunt and Constitutionally mandated, Founding Father-approved accountability for nation-destroying, tyrannical shitstains.

And “do what he thinks is right without regard to political cost” is an awfully polite way of saying “he wants what he wants and to hell with all y’all.”

Petey is Proudly Part of the Problem with the Media Today.


Sorry about my above false dilemma. My personal answer to the posited “either…or” is “probably both, unfortunately.”


ifthethunderdontgetya wrote:
Sorry, Mr. Baker, but you’ve got this wrong.

“In fact, according to the Post/ABC poll, congressional Republicans have a substantially higher disapproval rating than congressional Democrats.”
7/25/2007 2:18:06 PM

I didn’t even realize I’d already commented on this article…posted before hitting the link.

P.S. =>An article in the July 25 edition of The Washington Post by staff writer Peter Baker asserted that despite President Bush’s low approval numbers, “the president’s team takes solace from the fact that the public holds Congress in low esteem too,” adding that “[m]ore than half” of respondents in a Washington Post/ABC News poll taken July 18-21 “disapproved of Congress generally, and Democrats in particular.”


Bradrocket. Didn’t your dad ever teach you “never start a fight you know you can’t win”? The problem with impeachment is it will take months of debate, play into the republican spin and in the end bush would be acquitted, which they would tout from the highest hilltop.

Just keep investigating, issuing subpoenas, taking testimony. Somebody, eventually, will talk and the leverage gained from actually exposing their crimes will be much more valuable than the dubious advantages of a failed impeachment…



Bush was presented with an opportunity early in his presidency that few world leaders have ever had: He had carte blanche to do what he wanted in the name of US security. He had 90% approval ratings, candle-light vigils in Tehran, and support of not only every major world power but much of their populations as well. And he pissed it all away.

Now, at the end of his term, fighting not for greatness but to be not considered the worst president in US history, he is actually in the same place. He does have carte blanche. There are no more political prices he can pay short of impeachment (either him or his cabinet).

A more reflective man might have seen the connections between the two carte blanches. A brighter man might have tried to use his current predicament to not repeat the same mistakes he made in the first place. A more honorable man would fall on his sword and resign to save both the country and his own party.

But Bush really clings desperately to the hope that he is Truman trapped amongst a sea of people unable to understand his greatness. In 6 years he remains the same: Committed to pissing away everything because it has to be his way or the highway.


Either the Dems are utterly spineless and uncomprehending of the need for our future history books to show accountability for nation-destroying, tyrannical shitstains, or…

…they think they can hold on to power this time and they have no reason to weaken the position of what will probably be a Democratic executive by setting a precedent for the effective use of impeachment. Especially since they have every intention of committing their own little war crime in the form of an attack on Iran.


The problem with impeachment is it will take months of debate, play into the republican spin and in the end bush would be acquitted, which they would tout from the highest hilltop.

1. We wouldn’t want months of debate to distract the Senate from its important legislative agenda just for the sake of some futile political grandstanding.
2. The idea that impeaching a President with a 27% approval rating would play into Republican spin is Republican spin.


…and on Wednesday afteroons the president takes great pleasure in torturing small animals in his garden in Crawford. His aides describe this as quite liberating because he doesn’t have to worry about the political ramifications from, you know … torturing … small animals, and stuff.

I love it – now that everyone in the world pretty much hates our guts, this frees us up to do the really reprehensible shit we’ve always wanted to do, but were too skittish about because we cared about getting elected.



1. There will be no impeachment.

2. Nobody of note will leave to spend time with their families.

It’s as simple as that. Get it out of your head. They don’t fucking care any more. They are absolutely untouchable. All we can do is pray that it ends on 1/20/09.

If you surf past such choice locations as Sister Toldjah and Schlussel and Flopping Aces, you will see that the overwhelming majority of people who post there stand foursquare behind the idea that “this is a different kind of war, so Bush needs to do whatever it takes to win,” even if it means brushing aside Constitutional restrictions (because, after all, didn’t Congress authorize him to do just that when it voted to allow the use of force?).

It don’t make them no nevermind, of course, that a) the Framers put this shit in the Constitution specifically because they knew that some asshole would come along and tell us that it’s all in our best interests, and, b) the way of life and the freedoms we’re supposed to be protecting from the onset of Sharia Law include the same Constitutional protections and restrictions that they say they need to take away from us in order to save them for us. Or something. When it starts looping back on itself like that, wingnut reasoning gets kind of complicated for me to follow.


Actually passing through legislation to help the non-rich won’t happen until we impeach the entire Republican Party, so why don’t we stop our useless bill-pushing and get to the meat of it? Protect Democracy for America via judicious use of impeachment proceedings.


But of course, in order to save the Constitution and our liberties, first we need to replace Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their enablers with people willing to fight for America… I fucking hate the Dry Power Preservation Society.


What part of this process am I missing here:

1.) House impeaches Bush
2.) Senate Republicans and Very Wise Old Men Of Washington rally around the President
3.) Senate fails to impeach Bush when Republicans specter and vote ‘no’
4.) GOP hails this as a victory and a vindication of Bush and his policies
5.) ….


5. Fake terrorist attack happens and Bush declares martial law, imprisons dissenters and seizes their property and assets.

Why is there nothing on this Executive Order?


I’m with Duros, and I have my tinfoil hat on.

I’m betting: False flag attack on a liberal city, just close enough to the elections that, Whoops, they have to suspend in the name of Freedom.

There’s your math, and there’s the math.

Effin’ creepy, man. How do you spell Reichstag?


I hope I get put in a northern concentration camp. I’ll take a little winter snow over humidity and mosquitoes. I’m planning on taking the Colonel Hogan role.

Hellooo, Fraulein….


Galactic Dustbin

I’d love to see the Bushies doging the perp walk down the Washington Mall, but it will not happen I fear.

1- unless he is video taped being given a blowjob by his underage cocain dealer, the press and enough republicans will not support it- sure ruin the foundation of the Republic- wipe your ass with the Bill of Rights- its all wacky fun- but sex- ahhh sex gets ratings.

2-I think the Dems want him to be in the Oval Office next November because right now Bush is a walking ad for why you should not vote Republican in 2008.


As i said elsewhere, intellectually, I know that impeachment is a no-go. We don’t have clear cut evidence, we don’t have the votes in the Senate (well,… not yet. The Exodus continues), we don’t have impartial US attorneys, we don’t have the Justice department or the Supreme Court on the side of Justice or even the law of the Constitution.

Emotionally, I dream of the perp walk down the mall and trials for treason for the lot of them.

(Note to FBI: Just exercising my 1st amendment rights, that all. Not seriously advocating rebellion, sedition or anything like that. Everything’s fine here, now, we’re all fine. How are you?)

Smiling Mortician

but sex- ahhh sex gets ratings

Ratings, yes. But it only gets you the serious consequences if you’re a Dem — which is weird, since everybody knows the Dems are the Nookie Party.

Just exercising my 1st amendment rights

Enjoy ’em while they last.

I’m planning on taking the Colonel Hogan role

I dibs Richard Dawson’s part.


“I’m planning on taking the Colonel Hogan role.”

Totally. I’ve retro-fitted my tea pot with a tiny camera with this in mind. Does anyone know if they let you bring tea pots to the Freedom Camps?


there will be impeachment if We The People demand it, Loudly and Frequently. In writing. Marches, TV commercials, You-Tube, Blogs, and any other way we can think of.


“Why is there nothing on this Executive Order?”

Duros, there’s a great discussion going on at Orcinus right now about the EO. Excellent debate in the comments about what it all means.

solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

“…encouraged his enemies and jeopardized his legacy.”

The Washington Post doesn’t insult your intelligence so much as challenge your intelligence to a duel and then shoot your intelligence in the back two paces shy of the number of paces the Washington Post and your intelligence agreed upon.


The Washington Post doesn’t insult your intelligence so much as challenge your intelligence to a duel and then shoot your intelligence in the back two paces shy of the number of paces the Washington Post and your intelligence agreed upon.

Hey, Solitary and all that nasty shit. Do you have a folder called “shit i wish i wrote”? ‘Cause I do and I just put that in there. Means I’ll steal it after a decent interval.

It’s almost as good as when a drunk challenged me to a fight in sunnyvale back in ’97. I told him I couldn’t fight him as he had something on his shirt. Thought that was going to work, too. But he scampered back up a moment later and demanded “Hey! You getting smart“? To which I replied “I’m sorry, I had no choice. Stupid was already taken”.

Hmmm, maybe you had to be there…



Isn’t it a foregone conclusion that no decent legislation is going to get passed from now til 1/20/09, because W will veto same?

Then why bother trying to “legislate”? Why NOT spend the time on hearings and probes and subpoenas and, yes, impeachment?

The point isn’t necessarily to kick him out of office. The point it to cause him pain, anxiety, aggravation, embarrassment, humiliation, and so forth. Even if we don’t have the Senate votes to convict.

And, BTW, it would not be uncool to hold such a trial, disgorge all the crap we all know about and can’t keep track of, there’s so much, AND all the crap we know is still hidden but is definitely find-able, AND all the stuff even we don’t know is hidden, and then dare the Senate Repubs to fail to convict. Let them. Get all the shit out on the table and force them to defend or minimize it.

What’s not fun about that? What’s not worth our tax dollars about that? What’s not at least the beginning of reviving truth, justice, and the American way about that?


IF there are grounds for impeachment (and I believe there are – not because Bush is Ev!L, but because he’s steered the country into one near-insoluble crisis after another and basically ground the proceedings of government to a halt) then, like MrWonderful says: you gotta go for it.

Think of the time element. The majority of the country is moving away from the GOP, evidence will gather, and Bush has left himself no choice but to become even more intransigent. By the time this would reach the Senate, a fully fed-up public isn’t going to be impressed just because Republican Senators have the technical ability to block conviction.


We cannot wait 540 days. We must move to impeach now.

Help us Russ Feingold… are one of our only hopes…..

solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

Mikey, that’d be a nice compliment regardless of the source, but coming from you? Damn.

You’re quicker on your feet than I am. I always botch the pre-fight witty riposte, which wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually handle the fighting part. Just last week, some guy in an SUV almost ran me over–he was on his cell, of course–so I tap on his window, and here’s how it went down:

HIM: Touch my car again, I’ll rip your fuckin’ head off.

ME: Yeah? Well, watch where you’re going or I’ll… I’ll rip YOUR… fucking… head… just watch where you’re going, asshole!

I believe they call that “le mot shite.”


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