Corrections, Retractions & Apologies

In a post earlier this week, we accused Michelle Malkin of making shit up. Unfortunately, “number errors” crept into our work (not because of a political judgment or because we decided to cook the books or anything like that,) and we were much more wrong than right. We apologize to Mrs. Malkin, and look forward to her correction about Dick Cheney’s secret location.


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Ouch! That hurts!

Then in the interest of fairness, I sincerely apologize to Michelle Malkin (as well as all other readers) for the comments which I made in the comments box related to that item.


Don’t worry glenstonecottage, Michelle’s batting average is still pretty low.


when was the last time a wingnut apologized for a misstatement?

SN! proves its integrity by its willingness to admit errors… quite unlike the right half of the blogosphere, or our misAdministration.


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