Alberto Gonzales summarized

Really, you can’t sum it up any better than this exchange:

GONZALES: I clarified my statement two days later with the reporter.

SCHUMER: What did you say to the reporter?

GONZALES: I did not speak directly to the reporter.

SCHUMER: Oh, wait a second — you did not.


OK. What did your spokesperson say to the reporter?

GONZALES: I don’t know. But I told the spokesperson to go back and clarify my statement…


Seb adds: For a better take on this, please see my post.


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Smiling Mortician

Hey, I heard Seb’s paying people to comment on his post and ignore yours. Just thought you’d wanna know.


I got free doughnuts over at Seb’s post. The girls are cuter there too.


Is it just me, or is Seb taller?

a different brad

Fake Debbie Schlussel is pouting because you don’t want to be friends with her like all the other fake girls, bradrocket.
Fake tears from a fake woman. I hope you’re happy.


Look, I think that the point that everyone can agree on is that Alberto Gonzales should be impeached for high wankery and criminal idiocy.


I heard the quoted passage – which will surely go down as one of the great moments in American history – on the radio this morning. The only consolation to my own sense of loss over my child-like belief that, while not perfect, this is the greatest country ever is that the crowd in the chamber was just as aghast as I was.


Is this the cool impeach AGAG thread?


Thank gods I wasn’t listening to this BS on my car radio. That little exchange there would have created an black hole of stupidity in front of the nearest telephone pole and irresistibly pulled my car into it at great velocity.

I almost drove off the road when Condi was testifying to the 9111 Commission. The offending quote?
We weren’t given a plan [to handle Bin Laden]–it was just a list of action items!

I have trouble typing that line without throwing my computer into the wall.


Seb adds: For a better take on this, please see my post.

Oh, now, that’s just uncalled for. You know your mom loves both of you boys equally, no need to compete.


Seb adds

Ooooohhhh, a rare Seb sighting. Please write here more, Seb, please? Please? /pleading, gushing fanboyism


Abbott and Costello?


It could also be a Marx Bros. setpiece with Groucho as the senator and Chico as AGAG.


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