Rich Lowry’s Friday column… today!

They have research down to an art over at The Corner:

QUICK BLEG [Rich Lowry]
Anyone out there have any special expertise in the post-WWII occupations of Germany and Japan, and especially the problems associated with them? Would love to hear from you (but not after 12:45). Thanks…
Posted at 10:27 AM [Emphasis added]

Gee, we wonder if Rich will run with this whole “things are much better in Iraq than they were in Germany or Japan after the war” angle. Not that anyone has done that one before.

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perhaps some of us should ‘help’ them with their research,hehehehehe….


This means that Lowry is both dumb enough to buy that very week analogy that was so big last Fall, and also, too lazy to use prof-net, or even google.


Uhh, “weak” analogy. Not what, uh, I wrote.


BLEGGING AGAIN [Rich Lowry] I have a deadline to meet with the toilet. Can anyone out there help me find my ass? Thanks…


Umm, totally off topic, but I have to ask:

Seb, is this
one of your sideprojects?

It’s pure gold.


I agree with George. What is it with this twit? He can’t bother to do his own research. Or even find other people to plagerize. And he gets PAID for this!!!

Researchers should definitely demand money off his sorry ass.


I think that the “volunteering” to “help” Rich Lowry do his homework is a very good idea. (Make sure you use hotmail accounts or fake the ids of famous neocons like Bird Dog.)

–Oh, and hah hah, I’m just kidding, like Glenn Reynolds when he says people should take pictures of vandalized newspaper boxes…


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