It’s secure, it’s undisclosed, …

…it’s going to get us a visit from the FBI, it’s a day early, it’s ripped from today’s headlines, it’s a 6MB file, it’s our best Flash animation yet (or as Larry King would put it: if you only see one Flash animation this year, see this one!,) it’s time you click here, sit back and enjoy.

Our thanks to Pete from The Dark Window for his help with the search for just the right wingnuttery to use.

Very special thanks to John Young from Cryptome for permission to use these pictures.

Background blog commentary from No More Mister Nice Blog, MaxSpeak,, Wonkette, Random Mentality, and much 2002 discussion from Amygdala.


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You know, I was just thinking how much cheney reminds me of Anne Frank.


Grooviness! Post-Austin Powers!
So the Snarling Joker’s secret lair is in my home state, eh? Slime. I wonder how much money this pumps into the [depressed] local economy?


cheney’s Hideaway

Apparently some folks are upset that Time Magazine mentioned the long known location of cheney’s hiding place. Head over to Sadly, No! for commentary, links and this cool Flash report (6 MB)….


That was your best flash news story yet. Loved the music and the map zooming in.


Seb honey, this is first-rate! You’re doing important work here, and Dad and I are very proud of you!

I can’t wait until I see Mrs. Neufarb at my next paryer group. Always lording her orthodontist son over the rest of us. Well, *my* son is uncovering the secret location of terrorists! Take that, Loretta!


As we all know, the best place to hide something is under the mat. hidden


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