The second half of that sentence was even better

SullyWatch quotes Andrew Sullivan:

I haven?t run a pledge drive this year because I?m unsure of how long I can keep this up …

We thought the end of the sentence even more interesting however:

… but you can help keep this blog alive by donating here.

In other words, I’m not running a pledge drive but please give me money. Is Andrew getting ready to pull the plug? Given what he announced in December, this non pledge drive drive is quite suspect:

PLEDGE DRIVE UPDATE: Here’s a penultimate request for help with the site. After tomorrow, I won’t bug you again in the Dish for a year, so please consider a modest donation to the site if you read it regularly and want to see it continue. It takes enormous time, thousands of bucks, and constant attention to keep this blog as content-filled and as current as it is.

Didn’t raise so much six months ago, did you Andrew? Someone better give him enough money for a pair of pants, as we believe the ones he’s wearing now may be on fire.


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He didn’t say it was an Earth year.


I think Andrew is being consumed by his own hypocorism, his latest posts are all negative on Iraq and on the Bushies, I think he?s reaching some sort of critical mass where his logic will fold in on itself like a collapsing star about to go nova.

I think some time off for him would be an excellent idea.

BTW thank you for the links! My traffic is way up!


Come on, now. December was in 2003. this is 2004!


Yes, he should take some time off. Say 10, 15 years.


Sullywatch also calls Sullivan on his virulent heterophobia and latent misogyny–which Sullivan wraps, naturally, in a “gay men are superior” egg roll of deep-fried caca. Good job, Sullywatch (my emails to you always bounce, damn it), and of course, you too Sadly, No!


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