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The voiceover on the first one sounds like that mustached guy on The Simpsons that is usually in some kind of desk position, making sarcastic comments at his customers. I’m sure he has a name, and I should know it, Simpsons fan that I am…


Yes Guy, based on Frank Nelson?


You forgot one:


Oh, I just found a MUCH better one:


Went to see 300 last night in IMAX.

Holy Jeebus, that was awesome. Ten foot high bulging pectoral muscles and black-leather wrapped baskets the size of my forearm. Add the endless rivers of spurting blood, and you have a homoerotic warporn wankfest for the ages. I think the guy sitting behind me was regretting the fact that it was an IMAX theater and not an XXX theater, he was breathing so hard.

I am massively, massively bored tonight.


SoCal crazy electronics guy:

w/ indeterminate Middle Eastern accent & leggy nurse. It’s all about the “looks.” And the “PC computer for $69.95. Hard drive & OS slightly extra.


Or try this one, allegedly from a McCain/Swift Boat VFT operative:

a different brad

Here’s the ultimate Swift Boat ad;
n yes, that’s Jon Benjamin of Dr. Katz fame.


You know “a different brad”, the problem with that parody is that even as deeply sarcastic and over the top as it is, I bet it would have convinced people not to vote for Kerry.

I bet you a majority of Americans would believe every word was true.


Oh, I just found a MUCH better one:

Wah! That brings back some WPIX-11 memories. I think Eddie Antar is still in jail…


Who the hell is Johnny Cannon and why is he so drunk?!??!


Yes Guy, based on Frank Nelson?

No that’s the pretentious guy that’s behind the counter at Costington’s. I’m talking about the salesguy at Miscelleanous, Etc. in this episode.


Holy shit. I worked at the Haunted Mansion at Long Branch in the early ’80s.


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