I can has a Facebook group?

Pst. If you’re on Facebook, so are we.


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Of course, now everyone on a public-invitation group knows your real names…


My name’s already out there anyway. C’est la vie. Anyone who doesn’t want to be ID’d by their real name, make sure your Facebook name is a pseudonym!


What is this facebook, and what if you prefer to be anonymous?


What is this facebook

Stalking tool par excellence!


Stalk away. It’s not like I’ve got dates for this weekend lined up around the corner…


a different brad

this would require me to turn my account into something other than a means to see reg required pics. Ew.


Stalk all you want… I’m a giant sammich.


And yes, you can log on as a giant sammich, or Rick Santorum’s dog… or whatever you want. I think this could be alot of fun.


None of those things will stop the FBI, Mr. Sammich.

Random Observer

This seems like a good way to meet like-minded people and/or sandwhiches. Really I’m more interested in the sandwhiches though.


Open minded people or open face sammiches. I’ll go either way…



Funny alias-related story. My amazon account is in the name of someone who is not technically me and does not technically exist. They don’t really care what name you use as long as the billing info is right, and I use my partner’s credit card to buy stuff, and anyway I’ve legally changed my name since the amazon account was started so it wouldn’t be my name even if it ever had been.

However, I recently ordered something using the credit card that is not mine and the seller bafflingly shipped it with a signature request. I generally impersonate my own “agent” when these things are delivered, all they want is a signature and they do not care what it is. But I missed the delivery because I was taking the cat to the vet. So my partner had to go to the PO to pick it up because we don’t have any ID that corresponds to the name the seller wants signed, but they’re okay with me signing the slip as someone who technically does not exist and with my partner’s in-person signature and ID.

The moral of the story: If you’re not trying to use it for illegal purposes, feel free to set up an alias. There’s generally a way around any complication, though there will be complications. The government and your employer need to know your legal name, very few other people do.


In most states, the law is very liberal about names. The standard rule of thumb is if you are not attempting to defraud or otherwise commit a crime on the books, in other words as long as your intent is benign, your name is what you say it is. You can change it every day if you want.

Now, documents are something else. The more authoritative a document is, the more they will require you to “prove” who you are. But documents can be the most important thing you own. It takes time and effort, but surprisingly little money to establish alternate IDs and begin to accumulate documents in those names.

I have three relatively complete sets of ID. They’re all American, two with passports. I’d like to have another nationality, canadian or latin american, but I haven’t been able to develop that yet. Between you and me, the Belize government can be bribed, but I suspect they backchannel to the CIA or Interpol, so I’m not certain it’s a win.

What were we talking about?



Whatever you do, be sure to take out your passport before you wash your clothes.


What a good idea, Brad! It’s much better than the crummy group I set up and then forgot to tell anybody about!

Don’t worry, I put a message up on my wall…


I’d like to have another nationality, canadian or latin american

Long ago I bought a book on this on that from some gun-nut store in Redwood City – REMEMBER LARRY MCDONALD posters on the wall and such – and it seemed at the time that a bunch of the Atlantic provinces didn’t cross-reference birthdates and death-dates. Relatively simple matter to plunder the graveyard or old obits for a new life.

a different brad

I want a swiss passport. And private jet and airfield. And a 1000 ponies.
SN! can has be the first actual connection I’ll have on facebook.

a different brad

Ok, so I started drinking before going out. *a private jet


Hey, think big, adb m’man. Let’s get a gulfstream with air-to-air missiles and swedish stewardesses! And a righteous cocaine dispenser. And german hand-job porn! Oh. Well, you gotta start somewhere…


a different brad

I’d be happy with something simple, like just a gulfstream with swedish stewardesses and a brick of hash.
And a private island to fly to.


I don’t know what you people want me to sign up for, but I’m not joining any club that will let be be a member.
Nor am I compromising my IP address, nor am I going to bother setting up yet another e-mail acc’t. to sign onto yet another site.
And if I wanted “friends,” they would (probably) be real people, and I would leave the basement in search of them. (As if that’ll happen.)


Well, I signed up last night and left a message on your wall. Now what?


Well, I signed up last night and left a message on your wall. Now what?

Now sex.



(depending on who it’s with…)

a different brad

Heehee. Teh Sammich is my first facebook friend.


I “poked” Teh Sammich yesterday. Whatever that means.


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