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O’Reilly Again Smears YKos and Gets It Wrong about the JetBlue Sponsorship


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Update: Kos just posted that JetBlue has caved to O’Reilly. We’re pretty sure there’s more to the story that hasn’t come out yet, but fortunately we came prepared for just such an event:


Additionally, one more such iteration remains within the scope of our initial planning.


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O’Liely is always wrong. He is preaching to a choir that gets smaller everyday.


Is that a lol… owl?


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The O RLY? owl seems to predate the lolcat phenomenon.


Sorry harmfulguy, the Encyclopedia Dramatica page on O RLY? is the definitive source on the matter (and really makes me wish we could post images in comments here). I also believe that it is followed by a LOL WUT? just as often as it is a lolcat.


Well, the owl thing is very Harry Potter. The MIT website has one on their front page today too. Without a lolcaption, unfortunately.


Can someone talented (umm, Bradley) consider making a Sdly, boNObo!… or something.

the O RLY owl gives me the shivers.


For a moment, I thought I had been re-directed to Fark. I actually like the ORL owls.

O’Reilly really is a fool who is losing what’s left of his grip on reality. First, the ‘Oh, Noes!!1! Lesbian gangs with guns terrorizing Teh Childrenz!’ story he had to backtrack from, and now this JetBlue lie.

Every time he does one of his not-really-corrections, he becomes even more irrelevant.

It helps that his audience demographic is ‘Senile,’ of course. If only they wouldn’t keep dying he would be a ratings KING.


Lemme help out here. Olbermann, C&L, Media Matters, all of you guys. When Bill the Giant Head tells a lie, makes up a fact or gets confused about who the victims were, that’s not news. Thats like reporting “This morning, in a unprecedented celestial event, the sun rose in the east. Authorities are reporting that it may set in the west later today. We’ll have film at eleven…”

Let’s wait and see if he tells the truth about something, does an honest report, lets a dissenting voice speak or acts in some way reminiscent of human, and then THAT will be big news…


Kev's Lil' Brother Donnie

You hippies are just jealous that Bill0 is much more manly and heroic than the lot of you.

Srsly: stud.jpg


O Jeebus, please let there not be a polyp:

The MSM once already subjected America to a Presidential back-door tour with St. Ronnie. It’s something the country just doesn’t need.

Admittedly, I’m more scared about Cheney-holding-the-(nuclear)-football part.


I wonder if Cheney will be a part of the Executive Branch once he’s standing in for the Commander Guy.


Might want to update this.

Apparently Jet Blue caved, at least according to KOS.


Ha Ha

The fact is that JetBlue decided that it wasn’t worth it to kill their business by sponsoring a radical hate group like Kos.


YOu might need that other pic, S,N! JetBlue is still sponsoring YK by donating 10 airline tickets.

Seems like they don’t want to piss anyone off, so they’re gonna piss us all off–Faux retar-er..viewers and progressives alike.


Granted, I come here to laugh until cream soda comes out my nose, BUT, every now and then my “sober” side comes out. This is a tug of war between BillO and the great unwashed (us) with Jet Blue as the pinata prize full of 10 (!!!) tickets. Pick up yr cudgel and WHACK that pinata! Call JetBlue, email ’em, affix a postage stamp to a postcard addressed to their corporate address, whatever. But take a moment to let them know that “listening” to BillO is a great way to NOT earn lefty dollars.


Kos visitors average $57,000 per year in income.

O’Reilly – Whatever Social Security is paying now.
Gomez | 07.20.07 – 2:29 pm | #

As part of my slavery to the borg, I must fly all over the place, occasionally on short notice (think full fare price).

Email to Jet Blue: I am a Kos commenter, and I will not fly on your airline again.
ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© | Homepage | 07.20.07 – 2:34 pm | #

Cut and pasted from the little blue satan.


According to comments at C&L, JetBlue’s CEO is a Romney supporter. The sponsorship of YKos was just a naked attempt to get business from those not traveling on the 10 free tickets. Fine, good, whatever. Companies are in the business of making money or something. But they’re not on our side, and the only way to get them to stay as sponsors is to show them it hurts their bottom line more to piss us off than to piss off O’Reilly.


I can’t believe I’m linking to Hillary Clinton’s campaign site (has the entire world gone mad?!?), but she is taking a fast anti-O’Reilly stand. Sign up here if you wanna…

Smiling Mortician

It’s nice that HIllary is making a statement against smearing grass-roots progressives, but signing a petition that asks Bill O’Reilly to stop being Bill O’Reilly? What’s that supposed to accomplish?


…What’s that supposed to accomplish?

Well, eet geeves Hillary jour name, city, state, zip, email and i suppose IP addy. So she can contact joo weeth important updates/requests for jour hard-earned dolares.

¿Now, what does eet do about O’ Libelly?

Nothing much, eet appears.



Heh, did you notice how quickly JetBlue caved? Instant classic.


Just for fun, I suggested they send 10 free tickets to some pro-kkk outfit to counteract the ones they sent to the anti-America anti-semetic daily kos.

So far, no reply :(.


I suggested they send 10 free tickets to some pro-kkk outfit to counteract the ones they sent to the anti-America anti-semetic daily kos.

Try Little Green Footballs. For all your anti-semitic, anti-American neeeds.


Kevin, are you really stupid enough not to realize that a corporation quickly caving in to right-wing pressure isn’t a point in your favor? You’re asking us to recognize that the News Corp is a powerful force in making sure corporations only support right-wing political events. I guess you should just stick to your “dirty fucking hippies” act. Anything more complicated than that and you’re quickly in over your head. This is an instant classic of that, so to speak.


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