$20? But I wanted a peanut!

When we had to check ourselves into the hospital earlier this year (big building, lots of sick people,) we were lucky to count on a few good men women (sorry Blair!) to keep things going while we were away. Some of you (you know who you are) have asked ever since we returned what has happened to Peanut, where is Peanut, we want Peanut, go away Sadly!, I really miss Peanut, you suck Sadly bring Peanut back. And on and on. Well shut your whining pie holes.

Peanut now has her own web site. Visit it. Add it to your favorites folder. Put it on your blogroll. (And please don’t forget about us.) For now however, go have a peanut.


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Sianora Sadly, No!


I’ve been wanting to delete Seb’s bookmark for ages now. I’m thrilled that I finally found something with which to replace it.

Sayonara Sadly, No! indeed!

And helloooooooo, Peanut!




Peanut was better back when she was funny. Now she’s all shrill and partisan.


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