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For once, an article in the liberal press tells it as it is: “Arabs pile into Darfur to take land ‘cleansed’ by Janjaweed”

Above: Tom Gross

  • In this riposte to the Islamofascist-appeasing leftist media establishment, I will play a game in saying ‘Arabs’ and ‘Black Africans,’ implying that only the aggressors in the Darfur conflict are Muslim.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

Bonus Tom Gross:

The BBC and the Arab League: jointly silent on Darfur

Above: “Hi, Tom Gross again.”

  • Here, let me refresh that for you.

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Is it just me, or does the self-appellation of those committing the atrocities in Darfur sound a lot like a particular “controlled substance”? It would certainly explain the rightards’ reluctance to go in there and do something.


What happened to “little shit horseshoes” Spruiell?


Aww, jeezus, now it’s not just “muslims” they hate but “arabs”? Gawd, I’m embarrassed to be an American. We sure can find new, unique and compelling ways to hate entire groups of our fellow humans…



Mr. Baker,

An african friend of mine said that the Janjaweed are in fact pot smoking kiff chewers. Ever chew kiff? Pretty good shit. I got some from a local shop-owner in Buffalo. The combo of the pot and the kiff is sweet.


All I hear about Darfur is, according to Steyn, that the EU and the UN are lesser entities than the US for not doing anything, and that China sucks too for hassling efforts to stop the genocide (the one point I agree on).

Everybody else are saying something should be done.

Some are saying the Darfur situation can be blamed on global warming, which puts the blame on the US and the EU for its pollution over the decades.

But I don’t wanna say anything before I know more. Can somebody in “the know” give me some illumination?


What has Nick Kristoff been up to these last few years?
It seems I am not the only one who has memory problems.


Darfur is the ONE place in the world where I think we should be having a conversation about military intervention. NGOs will take on the aid burden, but they cannot work effectively with the Sudanese government blocking their efforts and the militias making the AO too dangerous.

I think some consideration should be given to two stages of intervention. First, to get the Sudanese government’s attention AND make it that much more difficult for them to threaten the rebels and support the militias, an alpha strike to destroy every single thing the Sudanese government has that flies, right down to the smallest OBS Bird. Then, a VERY firm and direct conversation about the consequences of interfering with NGOs trying to provide aid.

The second stage would be to set up maybe 3 FOBs in the Darfur region, deploy a battalion or two of Rangers with plenty of slicks to move them around. Then, a 90 day op of aggressive patrolling coupled with targeted strikes to let the militias know that moving against the people in the camps is extremely hazardous to their health. There would always be a deadline for the operation, and a specific exit strategy. No “mission creep” will be allowed.

60 days into the op the NGOs are allowed to start delivering aid to the camps under the Rangers cover. This is where the Janjaweed learn a couple more real hard lessons about the definition of fire and movement in the twenty first century.

Lastly, we let President al-Bashir understand the really bad things that could happen to his leadership if anything happens to any of the NGOs, or if he does ANYTHING to prevent the international community from supplying aid. Then, we pull out our forces and let the international community fill the void.

Now I’m not even convinced this is a great idea. It certainly has unintended consequences like any use of force. But it’s worth talking about. Because the problem is the al-Bashir government in Khartoum, and until somebody FORCES him to back down, there’s no reason for him to do so. Hell, up to this point he’s the one that’s winning.



Without resolution of the underlying political issues, intervention would be pointless and probably endless. And it’s not solely al-Bashir’s fault that that resolution is not happening. It’s much more complicated than that.

Have we learned nothing? Bombs are not the answer. Contrast Bosnia with Iraq.


It’s much more complicated than that.

Have we learned nothing? Bombs are not the answer.

What, I didn’t hedge enough? Not enough maybes? How the hell do you have a dialog when putting something on the table is the same as recommending it? We taking lessons from bush now? “Oh, we can’t even talk about that!!”

Jeez. Somebody has to do something in Darfur. Of fucking COURSE bombs aren’t the answer. The answer is getting aid to the people in those camps. Or at least it’s a good first step. You think you can do that without using force, bless your little heart, mi amigo. At this point I remain unconvinced. And if we can’t even discuss possible solutions, there ARE no solutions.




What happened to “little shit horseshoes” Spruiell?

He’s still there, although his recent blog production has been quite low. I count two posts this month.

In other NRO news, Jonah the OG proudly announces he has finished the book for real and reopened his beloved G-File.


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You don’t understand. If we take action in Darfur someone might be hurt.
And then we’ll end up with the massive massacre that was the spawn of Satan Clenis’ involvement in Bosnia.

Or, something like that, I guess.

Dogdamnit, but pacifists piss me off!


Oh fer crissakes, shutup, asshole…



oops. Not you marco. I was talking to the fake mullah. Jeez, we need pigin english here? There’s not enough racism? Arrgh..



If we take action in Darfur someone might be hurt.

Damn right. Lots of Janjaweed rapist murderers left in the desert sand for the vultures to pick over. Know what? I have a hard time having a problem with that. In fact, I’m pretty much of the opinion that high velocity rounds with tungsten core penetrators were pretty much invented to bleed some really bad people.

Lots of times our guys have been asked to kill righteous fighters, guys that really had honor and dignity and were fighting for what they believed in, even, in a lot of cases, more than we ever believed.

You wanna bring a soldier home from combat whole? Lemme give you a simple formula. Let him fight something really ugly, really nasty. Let him kill a bunch of rapist woman-and-children killing motherfuckers. Let them work out, rock n roll on a bunch of thugs who never knew anybody who could tell them to stop.

We can tell them to stop. Permanently. And who among us wouldn’t want to?



I’m no fan of NRO, but I’ve been following the
Chinese search for oil in Sudan

Doesn’t the US step lightly where China is involved?

China is the second largest holder of our collective debt;



I was being sarcastic about the “somebody might be hurt” shit.

Fuck! When Milosovic was commiting genocide, I was in europe, and screaming for US bombing!

If Georgie-boy wasn’t fucking around in Iraqistan, and we had a Dem pres, we might be doing something about the pot smoking kiff chewing murderers.

Yeah, bombing never solves anything. Ask the people of Bosnia about that. And be careful. cuz I’ve been there.


Dammit. We need a sarcasm tag,’cause it doesn’t always come thru. Sorry.

I don’t know the right answer. But that fucker al-Bashir makes me want to re-enlist if I can get a shot…



Sorry, this is totally off topic, but
Holy mother of Odin. How accurate is that transcript? I could no fewer then three serious errors in the first sentence alone ( Should be “were”, not “was, after the hyphen. Double negative. The second half of the sentence seems to be completely unrelated to the first half.)

I can’t bring myself to read the second part of the paragraph.

Why do people who want to institute English as the national language insist on nominating people who can’t speak it?


No worries, Mikey, old bean.

Let’s kill all the Repukes!(sacasm tag)


Mikey, what you speak off is yet another bad product of our little Iraq adventure. The case for military intervention in situations like Dafur, Zimbabwe and Myanmar (to name three humanitarian hell holes right now) has become much harder now than before. You could argue the toss on all three, but if you really wanted to make things better, then some old fashioned military hardware up there collective arse’s would not be a bad option.


no offense gavin, but the only aggressors in Darfur are Muslims. The people on both sides of the conflict are Muslims.


The terrorist-loving lefty media is desperately trying to hide the fact that the militias in Darfur are AY-RAB!!!
Proof: A lefty newspaper that actually does refer to them as Arabs.

If Arabs are mor Muslim than other Muslims, and any genocide perpetrated by Arabs is therefore part of the global islamofascist jihad, does that mean that Muslims are Arab? Can we blame Muslim and muslimesque people here in the US for Darfur? Because I think that Kumar, my Pakistani neighbor might have something to do with all of this.

Northern Observer

We should be arming the displaced tribesmen and train them to take on the Sudanese army in Darfur, same is we quietly did with the Croat Army when Servbia was trying to create greater Serbia. There is no appetite to send the 101 airborn to Darfur, but let’s help these people help themselves.


We should be arming the displaced tribesmen

Well look, clearly any idiot can make a dirty bomb so what’s the excuse for them not getting off their asses and nuking Khartoum?


We should be arming the displaced tribesmen and train them to take on the Sudanese army in Darfur, same is we quietly did with the Croat Army when Servbia was trying to create greater Serbia. There is no appetite to send the 101 airborn to Darfur, but let’s help these people help themselves.

There’s already a civil war in Darfur between the pro-government militias and the anti-government militias. Do you want to make it worse?

As for helping the Croatians, I seem to remember that ended up with most of the Serb population in Krajina being driven out when the Croatian army (trained by a US private military company) reclaimed the territory for the Croatian homeland. Ethnic cleansing, in other words.


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