Shorter Michael “Tin Tin” Duffy

How to Leave Iraq


  • I have some more advice to give about Iraq.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


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I would not want to kiss him with my mouth.


Billions of blue blistering barnacles!


He should go back to working on theories about the brontosaurus.


DAMMIT SEITZ! Get outta my head!


Nothing to do with this post, but SN! crew, please update this banner quote to add the text in caps:

“Attention Steinbrenner and front-office morons! Your triumphs mean nothing. You all stink. You can sit on it, and rotate! This is George Costanza. I FEAR NO REPRISAL.”


Hahaha. I thought I was the only one who still remembered Stephen “tintin” Duffy!


Wow I feel so fresh today.
Barefoot in the snow to make love in the hay.
The stars are bright in the abyss,
Now I can feel you in my arms
I explode inside your kiss…


50,000 vs 20,000,000?

Dude has no concept of a ‘supply line’ does he?


The only way to safely “pull out” os as fast as possible, often before you think you have to, & have plenty of tissue on hand, or you start arguing about who sleeps in the wet spot.

NixonBush, pull out now like your father should have!” A slogan that should never have had to be repeated.


Or: to “pull out” safely is

Davis X. Machina

Tin-Tin’s condition was diagnosed here: British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2005;39:125-126.


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