And you’re turning it into a joke!1!

Thanks to KnaveRupe for making us aware of this:


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Well, now we know what’s wrong with Kevin. Must suck to have a fish body.


Plane crash in São Paulo!!
Run to the usual pants pisser sites to see if they’re screaming “terrorism” or, “Well, just a bunch of potential illegal immigrants, like, whatever.”

MzNick: If it has a human face, we’re probably not talking about Kevin.


Awesome, MzNicky. Now I will always imagine him flopping his flippers in frustration, gasping like a fish out of water, as he pounds out, “You hippies don’t know how much we owe to President Bush!” on his keyboard.


Brazil’s chickenz is coming home to roost.


Wow. the quality of commenter on that page is awesome. Nice to know we have such erudite fans of Soccer in the US 😉


So if a comment of mine appears in an episode of The Simpsons do I get some credit? huh?


Here’s a .wav file of Lisa saying “Sadly, No”, in case you guys hadn’t already clipped it yourselves. Could be useful…

Hysterical Woman

Ugh, random celebrities.


You HAD to have seen this before. I saw it on the air and dreamed of you TP-ing Springfield

Talking Flag Pin

Make that, YAAAY!!1!
Also, thanks for adding “J Bomb” to my vocabulary.


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