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New: Michelle Malkin has a blog.

Old: Michelle Malkin makes up shit:

Not every Somalian refugee or asylum-seeker is a terrorist, of course. But the system for screening out the well-meaning from the menaces is completely overwhelmed. Claims of “credible fear of persecution” are almost impossible to document but are rarely rejected.

2002 Statistics, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Total — Refugees:

  • Applications filed: 89,726
  • Applications rejected: 71,074


  • Applications filed: 24,458
  • Applications rejected: 23,922

    Total — Asylum

  • Applications filed: 58,439
  • Applications approved: 18,998


  • Applications filed: 531
  • Applications approved: 364

    Please see this correction.

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    I notice you can’t comment on her blog. Typical.


    Why should the soaring imagination of our wingnut friends be constrained by trivial things like “facts”?

    Expecting that would be as stupid as expecting Ronald Reagan to have actually fought in the military. Or John Wayne. Or George Bush. Or Dick Cheney. Or Ann Coulter. Or Rush Limbaugh. Or Bill O’Reilly. Or all the other countless bigmouths who think war is so cool.

    “Facts” are for other people. Fighting is for other people. Taxes are for other people…


    Did you realize her name is an anagram for:
    Len, I’ll mime hack.


    Consider the fact that Malkin’s parents were immigrants themselves Malkin sure comes out as a major ingrate. I guess she reminds me of Clarence Thomas in some ways; first use the system then make sure others cannot.


    It seems you are the one who “makes stuff up”:


    Cases filed during year: 531
    Individuals granted asylum during year: 441
    Individuals denied asylum during year: 4


    It seems you are the one who “makes stuff up”:

    Since you looked at the same table as we did, it should be plain to you that the numbers we reported are accurate. Interesting as well that you focus on a minuscule subset of the data to support an overall assessment by Malkin that applications are “rarely rejected.”


    Face it, you’re busted.

    I also notice you switched from “Applications Rejected” for Refugees to “Applications Approved” for Asylum seekers.

    Probably because only 4 Asylum seekers were rejected.

    As to if Somali applicants are “rarely rejected” — 531 cases were filed, and 4 were rejected. You can attempt to ignore the data, but the fact is 0.7% of Somali applicants are rejected (i.e., they are rarely rejected).

    Now, regarding Somali Refugees:

    Somali Nationals
    Applications filed during year: 24,458
    Applications denied during year: 3,327

    Table 15. Refugee-status applications by geographic area and country of chargeability: fiscal year 2002

    Only 13% of Somali Refugees are rejected, compared to a 22% rejection rate for All Countries combined:

    All Countries
    Applications filed during year: 89,726
    Applications denied during year: 19,773

    Table 15. Refugee-status applications by geographic area and country of chargeability: fiscal year 2002


    I notice you can’t comment on her blog.

    Oh well, it’s not like the internet needs another right whinge echo chamber.


    We fear you are much more right than we FR. A day that will forever live in infamy!


    mimiru – that was the question I was about to ask! You read my mind! And how did I guess that there wouldn’t be comments? I must be psychic!

    You know what, this will make it even harder for me to have an excuse not to pull a Sullywatch on Dear Michelle…damn.


    Weren’t her parents rich cronies of Marcos, who left the Phillipines to avoid being prosecuted for corruption?


    If anyone has evidence to back this up, I’d be interested in hearing it.


    “this” being the allegation that Malkin’s family were Marcos cronies. Thanks.


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