This is an outrage!

No More Mister Nice Blog offers the latest White House Spin?, brought to you by Matt Drudge:

Matt Drudge says White House officials are upset because Time revealed the location of Cheney’s secret bunker.

One White House officials fumed Monday night: “TIME magazine would have revealed secret the location of Anne Frank, if they knew it.”

Gee, I don’t recall those same White House officials getting upset when the New York Post revealed the same information a week ago…

Shameless and dumb.

Added: A reader draws our attention to this December 2001 article on Chez Dick.

Added: More outrage fun with our brand new Flash animation (6MB.)


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Somewhere, Valerie Plame is rubbing her thumb and forefinger together and playing the smallest violin in the world just for Dick Cheney.


Um, people were describing Site R as long ago as December 2001.


Well, everybody knows that al-qaeda doesn’t read the New York Post.



Hmm… that description of Cheney’s bunker in the New York Post would also fit just about every villain’s secret headquarters in the James Bond movies. Coincidence? I think not.


Descriptions of “Site R” remind of Stanislaw Lem’s Memoirs Found In A Bathtub

“Stubborn, I went from room to room and pestered people with questions, though the answers were invariably wrong. I was still on the otuside, still excluded from that ceaseless flow of secrecy that kept the Building strong.”


Cheney also has a very special bunker where his charisma, humanity and all his other human characteristics were locked away many years ago. And even he doesn’t know where this one is located….


To be fair, the Post was simply quoting from “the June 14 issue of Time magazine,” which itself was passing along a juicy tidbit from a forthcoming book. So if we are to blame anyone it should be “intelligence expert James Bamford,” not Time nor the Post.


Everybody knows terrorists don’t use Google or surf the internet.
But they do have Time subscriptions.
They also don’t buy or read books from by the way.


How does this tie in with the Weekly World News report that Cheney is actually a robot? Is there a repair facility at Site R?



Locating Cheney’s hideout was never difficult, anyway – one simply had to follow the trail of EkG printouts and the scent of defibrillator paddle ozone …

morganna the kissing bandit

Is this the first time Dick Cheney’s been compared to a young Dutch girl?


What’s up with all the Nazi allusions coming from the right these days? Could it be a little “projection”?


amblongus, weren’t they sealed *into* a painting?


I couldn’t find the story about the bunker anywhere in either the print or online editions of _Time_. Was it even there?


I couldn’t find the story about the bunker anywhere in either the print or online editions of _Time_. Was it even there?

We don’t know either — but surely Drudge wouldn’t lie to us like that?!?


That Flash animation is FRICKEN’ GENIUS!!!!

So apparently the White House is angry that Time described the location of Site R, Dick Cheney’s secret bunker. Too bad the White House didn’t read the New York Post last week. Or the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on December 16, 2001.



If you plan on visiting southern Pennsylvania, be sure to drop in on Dick Cheny at his “secret underground bunker”. And check out this humorous little Flash movie, based on the above — great stuff! (And check out more commentary…


Fact is the existance of this particular site has been public knowledge for decades. In fact, part of the plans for the site and its security prgram have been available from the US Government and have been unclassified for years.

Although I am not thrilled that Time or other publications have claimed a scoop or matched VIPs with hiding spots. Before the Administration gets excited perhaps the President should issue an executive order cleaning up the many Government web locations with information and references to these underground facilities.


So, does Cheney get to keep his personal bunker after leaving office? I remember reading reports a year or so ago about them building him one under his house. The area was being rocked by explosions multiple times a day for months as they built it.




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