A Day of Little Green Footballs

Because Charles “Chuckie Greenballs” Johnson cranks it out faster than we can laugh at it, here’s Sunday’s output at Little Green Footballs, the go-to site for fascists of the extra-annoying “bwahaha, it’s the liberals who are the real fascists” variety.

Above: Hatin’ on a Sunday afternoon

Video: Killer Bee Replaces Death Cult Mickey

Religion of Peace Strikes Again in South Thailand

  • More Muslim barbarism, as two Muslim men are killed in Thailand, perhaps by Buddhists.

Marketing Terrorism As ‘Peace’

  • When clothing catalogs sell shemaghs, it is part of a secret plan to pave the way for Global Islamofascism.

Bin Laden Video Fools AP

  • Bwaha, the AP has a mote in its eye! I continue to maintain that official notice of Bin Laden’s death has been suppressed by some sort of unspecified conspiracy.

Zawahiri Behind Red Mosque Bloodbath

  • While once again careful to identify Zawahiri as a physician, in order to cast general suspicion on Muslim doctors, I still betray no awareness of last week’s revelation concerning the doctor Zawahiri, who was trained as a physician.

Ted Rall Hates You

  • It is tiresome to demonstrate the rabid, frenzied hatefulness of liberals, yet once again here is their leader Ted Rall.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.


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Here’s a legal question. If one, who was prone to seizures, were to click on the grammatic awesomeness of a LGF link, and thus collapse in a pool of their own frothy vomit, could that said person sue LGF for linking to an obvious health risk without warning or any other form of heads up?

THat that dude is such a pot-smoking, pony-tailed, Apple-using, tree-hugging hippie. I wanna mace him.


What secret lies in his solecism “You are A Idiot”?


You are a idiot to me
You are a idiot to me
Can’t you see
You’re everything I hoped for
You’re everything I need
You are a idiot to me

Such joy and happiness you bring
Such joy and happiness you bring
Like a dream
A guiding light that shines in the night
Heaven’s gift to me
You are a idiot to me


Sadly, No! flip-flops on its font!

Hysterical Woman

It nice that even at little green fascists, there are people who question whether a Muslim getting murdered by some unidentified person proves that Islam is violent.


You aren’t going to trick me into going into that cesspool again. Nope no sireee… not gonna click copy and paste teh link…

darnit! from the first quote in the shemaghs

#1 Ojoe 7/15/2007 8:50:31 am PDT reply quote

‘Peace’ movements cause wars, and worse wars, because they embolden those who should not be emboldened.


Yup, if only those terrorists in Iraq didn’t have the peace movement to embolden them. They would stop living in Iraq and um paint more schools or something. And as you well know, Osama Bin Laden Attacked the US because he was emboldened by, umm, I don’t know who exactly, probably Jimmy Carter. It certainly wasn’t because his plan was to enrage the US and try and lure America into an long guerrilla war in Afghanistan. Sorta like what happened to the Soviets (who strangely did not have a “peace” movement, loved to torture people and committed war crimes and yet strangely lost).


I loved the Ted Rall cartoon comments, Usually they are banging on about how the leftist, peaceniks, etc are the violent ones, but most of the howler monkeys really, really wanted to kick Ted’s head in. But of course, the right isn’t violent.


You mock, His Grace, but how quickly you forget that WWI was started when the Black Hand graffitied a peace sign onto the Archduke’s car.

Or when Hitler dropped para-hippies into Poland.

Or when the American traitors handed out flowers at Fort Sumter.

When that marijuana brownie table was knocked over at Concord.



“You are A Idiot.”
No, Charles (sadly, my legal name) it’s “You Are An Idiot.” Or “You are an idiot.” But not the inconsistent way you have it, you illiterate fucking idiot. And yes, I am an idiot for even thinking about looking at that pathetic drool-fest.
And if y’all gwine mess w/ the font, please make it the same size as the comments box, so wretched oldsters can read it more easily. Thank you.


You think all that Black Dye #3 might’ve soaked through his egg-shell like skull & had some effect on his not much to start w/ in the first place brain? I do.


“Ted Rall hates you”, written as a message to lizardoids, about a cartoon supposedly offensive to soldiers?

Don’t they realize they’re not in the military?*

* Except for the one who are.


Is something wrong with the font? It looks ok from here.


The font was weird, Gavin, but now it looks okay. Earlier, I had to change over to white background because it was sort of a pale grey on the black and very hard to read, and it was a different typeface as well..


Now there’s a man who has ‘Selling it to teh Stupids’ down.


It’s all good. Earlier the comments were in what looked to be the same font as the “‘Shorter’ … Beard” explanatory note, but no more.


Is that “Hatin’ on a Sunday afternoon” to the tune of “Groovin'”? Or the Kinks’ “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”? Because it matters, damn it.


I have visited the Holy Land of LGF, and I have been converted. As the posters over there are happy to point out, if you look at any murder anywhere in the world, there’s a better-than-even chance that a Muslim committed it.

That is, after all, how they roll.

You’d think I would have caught on to this sooner; I can’t even count the number of murders that have been committed by the Muslim kids I have in my classes every single year.

It’s like Gettysburg, and my overhead projector is Little Round Top.


Great strip by Rall, and the commentariat @ Newsbusters where Chuckles found the strip of course have no idea of reality…Rall, by the way, has been posting some stuff, I guess to whore his new book about how Central Asia is a screwed up mess & getting worse, @ Yahoo! News, and, unlike Chuckie-poo & his crowd, Rall has actually been to the places he talks about. (What a concept.) The July 11th item about Pakistan is worth a peep:


See, I never liked pot that much.

That graphic of Chasmo’s, along with a bunch of other corroborating evidence tells me that he does. I watched someone I knew who obviously had some mental problems descend into joining the Aryan Brotherhood (internet version), and he wanted to tell me all about the Muslim Hordes, between giving me the rundown on the hillarious “nigger owner’s manual” while he was stoned out of his mind.

Can we bring back Reefer Madness, here? What the hell is going on with the stoners? I’m about to 180 my ass on caring about these freaks.


Is that “Hatin’ on a Sunday afternoon” to the tune of “Groovin’”? Or the Kinks’ “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”?

Oh, the Kinks. It does matter!

Johnny Coelacanth

Hey, don’t be hatin on the stoners just because Charles Fuckface Johnson looks like he might be hitting the bong on a regular basis. Besides, lgf has a =drinking= club. Fuckers are drunks, not stoners.

shell goddamnit

Jesus, Ed. It’s not the pot. It doesn’t contribute to clear thinking while yer actually high, but it doesn’t cause degeneration of one’s reason, either. Other factors must be in play.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt, either; I don’t like the effects and haven’t smoked in 25 years. I do know some folks that do though, and they’re certainly not freaks, nor are they Charles Johnsons or anywhere near his ilk.


What the hell is going on with the stoners? I’m about to 180 my ass on caring about these freaks.

I’m sorry to hear that, Ed. I hope my recent diatribes haven’t had anything to do with it.


An Earthworm Jim fan can’t be that evil. Can he? Damn these LGF fuckers…just the same damn thing every flippin’ day. How about a little variety in your Two-Minute Hates? You’d think they would get bored of this stuff eventually.


Religion of Peace Strikes Again in South Thailand

… about two Muslims shot dead.

Jesus, I fuggin’ hate this guy. What’s next from his toxic mind? Maybe:

Dozens of Islamofascists Attack U.S. Shrapnel With Their Bodies in Baghdad Market

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Or the Kinks’ “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon”?

I thought that was “Lazing on a sunny afternoon”? That’s what my record says, anyways…


Jesus, what do you expect from a guy who not only lives in Fresno, but who chooses to live in Fresno?

Fresno: the asshole of California. The gateway to Bakersfield. The biggest city that’s as far from San Francisco as you can get at the (almost) same latitude in the same state. Or something.

Chuck Johnson has only blazing heat, intolerant readers, and Sierra Foothill racist christians to speak to; it’s better we make fun of him on those terms.


First comment I’ve made here, but thought I ought to share that my work intertoobs filter bars access to LGF as a “malicious site”. Who would have thought the filter would have a liberal bias. Now, when do I get my pie?


Interesting Kavalier.Wonder if it has to do with the content of the site? Or perhaps the denizens of LGF have unsavory internet habits that have been documented by those who made the filter that your employers use?


I’m tempted to go back to read the whole filter warning. But I’m a little scared that the IT department might think I’m a reactionary fascist. So I’ll err on the side of caution.


When I click on your links to Chuckie’s page, I get the gramatically-challenged “You are a Idiot!” message.

Nice. It’s good to know Chuckie Johnson is so on top of things. I cannot imagine living in America without his sage wisdom and manly protection. God bless, Little Green Footballs, God bless! You are definitely not a[n] Idiot[sic].


So I’ll err on the side of caution.

Yes that’s well-advised.


I have that “You are a idiot” thingy bookmarked on my faves. I comes in handy as a one word response to the reality-challenged community.

Plus it cracks me up every fuckin’ time.


Chuckles is the kind of wingnut I really revile quite deeply. Either he has no qualms about being associated with the raw, vile xenophobia that comes out of his site daily, or he believes these things himself. I don’t care which it is. Either way, in my book, that puts him lower on the totem pole than a venereal disease contracted by pond scum.

What a miserable sonofabitch.

At the very least someone should snip off that fuckin’ ponytail when he isn’t looking.


More repetitive slandering and selective commentary of the guy – just because he defends core, centrist values from his right fringe far better than you left-fringers.

But what else could I expect from an site run by an liberal.


core, centrist values

Reality tells us they are neither core nor centrist.

an liberal

Now that’s funny, and I believe willfully so. Good one!


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