Bring out your freaks!

Pete from The Dark Window introduces us to the wisdom of Wilson C. Lucom:

If the left wing of the Democratic Party gains control through the election of a communist-aiding president and brings communism to the United States, all you Democratic and U.S. workers could have your salaries reduced by 23 to 32 times. If this happened, Communist China would control you, not John Kerry or any other Democratic president.

Read the rest so you can be ready.

World O’Crap has dug out Debbie O’Hara:

Since the days of Nimrod and his infamous tower, people have been working hard toward creating an anti-God socialist world government.

Hide the children!

Over at The Poor Man, the increasingly shrill Editors are on a very special Star Search:

Kaye Grogan has been pretty boring recently, so I’m shopping for replacement spokesmodels for the Right for when she hits a dry patch. All contestants will be given a rating, a Kaye Grogan quotient, which will be a measure of how Kaye Groganesque they are (1.000 is Kaye herself; Dennis Prager is 0.500; Paul Krugman is 0.000).


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Look at Lucom’s bio:

“. . . During the Roosevelt administration, Lucom served as an assistant to the Secretary of State in the State Department and Acting Chief of Mission, United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.”



“23 times”, eh? I guess we know who Wilson C Lucom is working for. Fnord.


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