Is John Lott working at the White House?

Typical discount seniors can expect with the Medicare Discount Card:

  • Savings on brand-name drugs range from 16 to over 30 percent off usual retail prices
  • Savings for generic drugs are even larger, ranging between 30 to 60 percent or [sic] more.
  • Number of Medicare Discount cardholders featured yesterday in President Bush’s remarks: 4. Range of discount they received: 83 to 92 percent.

    Isn’t cherry picking wonderful?


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    But even the savings he cherrypicked could be gone in a heartbeat. The company can change the rules at any time while you are enrolled, but you can’t change plans.

    The way these guys work, I’d be the most suspicious of the ones that are terrific deals right now. No doubt it’s just a come-on.

    I didn’t bother signing up for any of them, it’s all bullshit.


    “And we’ve got some problems. One problem is there’s misinformation about these cards. Another problem is, is that people — they feel like it may be too complicated”

    Looks like Bush is still unprepared to answer the question, has he made any mistakes. I hope the seniors notice. Happy November, everyone.


    Look, it’s easy. They can take their meds or eat. What’s the big deal? Cat food’s not that expensive anyway.

    At least we’re not reducing their other benefits by the amount of the drug discounts like we were gonna! What the hell do you liberals want?



    In fairness, if Lott were running the show the cherry-picked seniors would have been faked and given names of family members…


    AARP send a targeted mailing to 46,000 people and got 400 responses. That’s less than 1%. I wrote code for a few direct mailers several years ago and you don’t even cover costs if you can’t pull 4% on most direct mail pieces.

    This was a targeted mailing with full demographic info supported by government financed TV ads, and they couldn’t even make 1%.

    People on Medicare are old, not stupid. They know a con when they see it. They also vote.


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