He’s got a Gore in his Bonnet

World, meet Shane Arthur Swing:

My brother hatched and orchestrated the brilliant scheme, threw the rock that struck the nest, and watched as the angry hornets swarmed out and unleashed their fury on me, the innocent onlooker. My brother was unharmed, and although I was in severe pain, I realized a valuable lesson that day – nobody is innocent to a provoked hornet, and, Al Gore is a nitwit.

You think Doug Giles has a way with metaphors? Assume that Kaye Grogan provides a useful reference point for lunacy? Think again:

On September 11, 2001, radical Muslim terrorists threw their rocks at America’s nest. President Bush responded accordingly, by attacking anybody with rocks in their hands and anybody who thought attacking America was a funny idea. I stopped laughing the moment the first hornet stung me some 26 years ago, and I guarantee that no Muslim extremist is laughing now. Bush is the bringer of consequence to mischievous believers of the stone.

If they are laughing Shane, we bet they’re not laughing with you. At least terrorism is down, so we know Bush’s policies are working!

Had 9/11 occurred during a Democrat administration, the honeybees would have buzzed around wildly, flown to the United Nations for some political nectar, and stung innocent Aspirin factory workers in Pakistan. The terrorists would have laughed and attacked again and again.

Did you know that Shane has a friend? His name is Swing, Buddy Swing:

While having lunch in a restaurant the other day, I witnessed a confrontation between two men concerning politics dejour. The first man was spouting Kennedy-like hatred towards President Bush and the second man was questionings the validity of his argument. The first man’s tongue became twisted up with irrational logic and he finished by saying, “I don’t care, I just hate the son-of-a-bitch.”

Oh, we just know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. [Lots of emphasis added.]


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This may be your best find yet, Seb. Color me green with envy.


Is he comparing himself to terrorists?:

“I stopped laughing the moment the first hornet stung me some 26 years ago, and I guarantee that no Muslim extremist is laughing now.”


Wait, Seb, you left out Shane Swing’s punchline:

“It’s because of Bush and the creed of the hornet that right now, somewhere on Earth, there’s an 8-year-old Muslim extremist with rocks in his hands asking his brother if he wants to help attack America. The brother will look at him and say, ‘Only if honey bees are guarding the nest.'”

So, in some kind of entomological duplex, the nest appears to be shared by hornets and honeybees. And the bees are “docile,” because as we all know, bees never form into swarms and inflict punishment.


Kaye Groganesque 2

[Kaye Grogan league standings so far, based on sabermetric KGQ (Kaye Grogan Quotient): Kaye Grogan: 1.000 John Cole: 0.460] On…


I have the deepest respect for “political and philosophical writers” who wear Mickey Mouse shirts.

And while you’re wading around in the http://www.fromthepen.com pool, check out Alan Hamilton “Buddy” Swing’s children’s story, “Bumpkin the Christmas Pumpkin.” Maurice Sendak he ain’t.


“Politics dejour” [sic]? Does that mean on Monday it’s Republican, Tuesday Demoratic, Wednesday Libertarian, Thursday Green and so on?


Just checked my weblogs, noticed lots of hits coming from this site, so I decided to drop in.

My story simply was saying that Democrats respond to terrorism like docile bees, Conservatives have the real hornet like response (ie Bush, right or wrong)

I write a story each week. That was my 82nd or so. Sometimes you have to stretch the brain for metaphors and ideas to keep your posts fresh.

Take it for what it’s worth. …And lighten up!



This might also be of some interest.


Sadly No, It was an interesting read. The Poor Man site brought us just as many hits as your’s did. Quite ironic, though, isn’t it; we’ve received tons of hits from people who “appear” to be on the total opposite spectrum as us.

I’ve never heard of either of your sites. From the posts I’ve read, I can understand why. I gather we do not agree.

If you could, and you don’t mind, would you sum up for me what your web site is all about. What your political leanings are, etc etc. It would help me understand where you guys are coming from.

Quite often, our own viewpoints on things make it difficult to truly judge other’s writings. The true meaning gets clouded by our own ideologies.

I don’t want to misunderstand you, like many of your readers have done with my metaphors.



PS Sadly No,

The person in the picture with me on my website is my father, not an older brother.


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