Look At That Big Hand Move Along, Nearing High Noonan

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All right! All right already! What is it, Mark? What’s that you say? Why, yes! I do remember when you listed ten things you thought were worse than war! We all had a good laugh. But that was a long time ago, and…what? You want to prove that your ability to count to ten wasn’t just a one-time fluke? You…you say you’ve compiled a new list, of ten things that are more important than global warming? Well, of course we’ll look at it! If it’s good, we’ll put it up on the refrigerator next to that fingerpainting you did of a chicken for your 41st birthday!

It is put out by the global warming zealots that it is the problem we must deal with – it is more important than any other issue. Why this should be is rather a puzzle – it isn’t like there is an optimum global mean temperature, after all. Even supposing the worst is true of global warming, it would still just be a cilmate shift which would do this and that thing we’d all have to adapt to…but, there it is, the zealots, led by their Goracle, are saying there is nothing more important.

Actually, Mark, there is an optimum global temperature: it is “below that point at which life will be unsustainable”. But I’m sure that if the temperature went up to 120 and we burned through all the planet’s energy just trying to keep a hothouse going, we’d eventually “adapt”, because we’re way better at that than some crappy dinosaur. So, let’s get to it! What’s more important than global warming?

1. Winning the War on Terrorism.

Okay, good one. Who wants to live on a planet where a terrorist might blow you up someday? Global extinction is surely preferable.

2. Anti-religious persecution.

You mean, “lack of” and “of Muslims”, right? I’m with ya!

3. Abortion/infanticide/euthanasia.

I’m sure we can all agree that the abortion of not-yet-humans and the voluntary death of a statistically tiny number of elderly humans is far more vital, as an issue, than the extinguishing of all life on Earth.

4. Spread of disease.

Except diseases caused by, spread by, or exacerbated by global warming, like skin cancer. Fuck skin cancer.

5. Slavery, especially the global traffic in sex slavery which almost invariably involves children.

Sex slavery is some sexy slavery, all right! Plus, this has the word “global” in it, so it’s as important as global warming, plus it’s not made up!

6. Third world poverty.

Which, again, has totally nothing to do with global warming.

7. Popular culture degradation of public morality.

Sure, in a worst-case scenario, global warming could “make large areas of the world uninhabitable and cause massive food and water shortages, sparking widespread migrations and war“, but JANET JACKSON’S TITTY! Plus that horrible crazy rap music!

8. Family breakup.

Why don’t you love me, mommy?

9. Nuclear proliferation in tyrannical States.

What, you mean like Massachusetts? Louisiana? You’ve lost me, Mark. Anyway, don’t worry about it — your guy Bush has totally solved the nuclear proliferation treaty by invading Iraq! And maybe Iran! And making an ally of Pakistan! And giving North Korea whatever it wants! And, uh, well, basically ignoring Russia, I guess! Problemo el solve-o, amigo.

10. The rise of Chinese imperialism.

Yes, the Chinese empire grows by leaps and bounds each day. First, Tibet, and then fifty-six years later…well, nothing yet, but any day now! Anyway, a 2004 report by the Pentagon suggests that, among other unpleasantries, global warming could lead to megadroughts in southern China, leading to widespread famine, and civil wars and border wars breaking out between China and Russia as “a cold and hungry China peers jealously” at the world outside. And re: your #9, it would also likely result in more countries — including Egypt, Japan and Germany — developing nuclear weapons, leading to a “world of warring states” where “disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life”, as “once again, warfare would define human life”.

Oh, but I forgot — war doesn’t make your top ten, either, does it?


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So … what, pornography’s fixed?


“Popular culture degradation of public morality.”

Can we get the grammar Nazi’s on this one? Methinks the syntax may be a bit skewed.


jaysus, I can’t believe he thinks there’s no optimum global temperature. Someone needs to tell Noonan that the earth was only 5 degrees Celsius colder during the last ice age, as an average.

And no, I’m not talking about the global warming skeptics favorite time period, the Little Ice Age. I’m talking about the real Ice age, during caveman times. Doesn’t he just stop and think for a moment about ANYTHING.

Is he incapable of this? Noonan, just think, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. Are all really HOT places right now, with lots of people living in them. If you heat that up just a little bit more… well, desertification, death, war, mass exodus of refugees… BLARGH THINK NOONAN


I like the Noonan triptychs.

He left out vegetarian terrorism and the fence to keep out Mexicans. I suppose that’s progress.


He left off the possibility of Hellary Clinton being elected President. But he did say he could keep going past 10, so I’m sure it would be there somewhere.

Of course with another Clinton in the White House we’d lose the war on terrorism (by surrendering), so I guess he’s got that one covered.


“Popular culture degradation of public morality.”

To me it reads like something that was machine translated from Chinese.

Can we get the grammar Nazi’s on this one?

Get the grammar Nazi’s what on this one? The apostrophe + “s” indicates a possessive.


Here’s something more important than global warming: the massive, incurable, irreducable stupidity of the people currently setting our country’s agenda.


Jeeezzzzuus! This guy is pathetic! He’s like Pastor Swank with slightly better writing. What’s on T.V. is more important than global warming?!
By “anti-religious persecution” I hope he doesn’t mean the war on Christmas (though I have a sinking feeling that he does).

Is this guy any relation to Peggy Noonan? Because if so, as Mr. Spock might say “that would explain a great many things.”


NAZI is technically an abbreviation, so NAZI’s could be considered correct. But I guess only if he said NA.ZI.’s ???


Please excuse me if I post a similar (snark-free) comment on every thread that deals with people trying to disconnect 3rd world poverty from global warming…

I have spent a bit of time living and volunteering in East Africa, where they stand to lose the most from global climate change, namely that drought in the area is likely to continually get worse and worse as the world warms. I was graciously hosted for a weekend by a maasai family in kenya who lives in a dung hut on their family land of about 100 acres and subsist by herding cattle and goats. They may not have electricity or running water, and they have to take a full-day trek to get drinking water every few weeks, but they have a place to live and enough to eat and basic resources needed to raise their children.

But if things continue the way they are going, it wil not be that many years before the rainfall gets so low that heir tiny stream dries up, effectively making their land uninhabitable. You can probably guess that they do not have too many other places to go.

It really makes the whole climate change issue hit home when you hold a 2-year-old boy in your arms and know that by the time he inherits this land it will (in all likelihood) be entirely useless to him. Global warming will not just cause us westerners to have to run our air-contitioners for an extra week or two, it may be the thing that makes the difference between this boy having a passably decent life and him dying of thirst or starvation. A real child who is currently walking around this world could not just possibly but LIKELY lose his livelihood to global warming.

Now multiply that by the millions of other rural Africans and their children who also depend on decent yearly rainfall for basic survival.

Reconcile that with your “sanctity of life position,” Mr. Noonan. Oh, and be sure to keep on moaning about all those poor fetuses. Makes you seem compassionate.



Note: Never put this guy down as your ’emergency contact’.

“She sliced off her finger fixing the xerox machine? Screw it, I’ll visit her in the hospital when she’s a fetus.”


Well, pardon me, but there are other things more important – and my list of them goes thusly:

I’m disappointed that the only things Noonan lists are negative. Aren’t puppies, cookies, and anything else that ends with “ies” important too?


That’s what I get for invoking the Grammar N.A.Z.I.’s!!!1!

Or is it Nazi’s?

Or is it Nazis?

Fluck, I don’t know. In the future, I will purify myself in the waters if Lake Winnetonka. Then I’ll have some hotcakes….Really.


A bit off topic I guess, but damn, that guy is real funny lookin’. Not funny as in freakish. But, I dunno, I just can’t stop giggling when I look at that picture. I think it’s that goofy look on his face.


I think it’s that goofy look on his face.

It’s wonderfully blank. It makes me think of Steve Irwin. No matter how many times I looked at that guy I could not imagine thoughts rattling around in his head, and it’s the same for Noonan.

Principal Blackman

By “anti-religious persecution” I hope he doesn’t mean the war on Christmas (though I have a sinking feeling that he does).

Oh, he does–he’s a shock trooper in the War on the War on Christmas. But he also means “no fair telling Christians not to gay bash!”

Also, as I’m sure you’re all aware, slavery, in particular sex slavery, is 100 percent entirely the fault of The Left. Because The Left doesn’t insist that you be married in order to boink somebody, and that leads directly to sex slavery. Or something.

PS: Hidden bonus track Noonan Fear: Being alone with a woman who is not his wife. I have lots of female friends; some married, some single…I never see them without a third person present, preferrably my wife.”


So there’s no optimum global temperature, eh? Doesn’t it just rock how these *conservatives* don’t mind at all if there are massive dislocations, the upsetting of established ways of life all over the world, and all that? I mean, so long as they have the money to move to someplace comfortable. Or they think they will.


He does realize that, assuming you don’t live in some POS 3rd world country, you’re about as likely to get killed my a falling tree then you are to get killed by terrorists?

I will never understand why euthanasia is so evil. I mean, i know these people are simply shit scared of the concept of their own mortality, but still.

Do i even want to bother checking what CDC funding has done for the last, oh, six years? I agree, disease controll is important, but relative few and far between in terms of actual, serious cases. Except, you know, STDs and stuff. That Republicans seem bound and determined to not control the spread of.

Yes, sex slavery is bad, and a global thing. But unenforceable world wide. Let’s stay realistic about what we can and cannot do.

Family break up? http://www.fuckthesouth.com If anyone wants to fact check their claims, go ahead. I’m lazy.

Chinese imperialism? Who the FUCK is China gunna conquer? India? Japan? Russia? Vietnam? Think maybe they know something we don’t about jungle geurilla warfare? They have no where to go, retard.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

4. Spread of disease.

Except diseases caused by, spread by, or exacerbated by global warming, like skin cancer. Fuck skin cancer.

And malaria. And lots of other tropical diseases that may also end in ‘aria’, because those tropical beasties are already spreading, thanks to global warming.

Let’s hope he gets a combination of malaria, toe rot, and beri-beri, so he can whinge about tropical terrorism for a while.

And what the buggery bollocks is this about “Goracle”? Doesn’t he realise that Al Gore really doesn’t, honestly doesn’t, lead the global warming science? There’s actually lots of other people besides Gore who are in on it, and some of ’em even have PhDs!


There’s actually lots of other people besides Gore who are in on it, and some of ‘em even have PhDs!

In various kinds of sciences, even.


Re global warming. It’s uncharacteristically hot in Vancouver right now. Usually in this part of town (beside the ocean) it never gets past 28 degrees Celcius during the day in the summer. Environment Canada says it’s going to be 37 (!!!) tomorrow. I’ve lived here 20 years and never seen that. It’s going on 2 am and feels like 25 already and gah…can’t sleep. Unbearable.

I don’t wanna dieeeeeeeeee.


Even supposing the worst is true of global warming, it would still just be a cilmate shift which would do this and that thing we’d all have to adapt to…

This and that thing we’d all have to adapt to? Fucksake. You could use that phrase to describe anything. Nuclear winter, getting shot is the face, a rain of jaguars? All just circumstances that must be acclimated to. Ho-hum.

I mean really, what’s with all the fuss about falling out of a tenth story window anyway? It’s merely a series of changes in accelleration which ought to be taken in stride and adapted to. Nothing to get all pannicky about, you liberal scardy-cats.


Sophist, FCD said,
“I mean really, what’s with all the fuss about falling out of a tenth story window anyway? It’s merely a series of changes in acceleration which ought to be taken in stride and adapted to. Nothing to get all panicky about, you liberal scaredy-cats.”

The fall is fine. It’s that sudden stop at the end that’s a bit of a problem…


Except diseases caused by, spread by, or exacerbated by global warming, like skin cancer. Fuck skin cancer.

Skin cancer has nothing to do with global warming. You might be thinking of ozone depletion, a problem which you don’t hear much about these days. Why don’t you hear much about it?

Because everyone agreed to make the stuff that caused it illegal. There was this US Senator, see, name of Albert Gore, who was pretty keen on it back in teh day. So much so Bush’s dad used to call him “ozone man”.


See, censure + one child laws + porn bans means that the lack of boobs is going to lead to all kinds of stupidity.


Do look @ the link Principal Blackman so kindly provided. It has two
ads for his silly book, above any “content,” as usual. He’s like one of those freaking Moooslims he hates, he can’t be alone with a woman other than his wife, something might happen. Guess the ladies just can’t resist those caterpillars he’s trained as eyebrows.
And what does he care about global warming? He lives in Vegas, where no humans could live year-round w/o A/C, so it’s just a question of adaptation. UNTIL THE ENERGY RUNS OUT!! How you gonna “adapt” then, Marky?
And his top ten list? Catholic talking points, pretty much. Bead-rattling tool.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Nuclear winter, getting shot is the face, a rain of jaguars?

I’ll take ‘rain of jaguars’ for 20, thanks.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

The spread of disease is caused by a lot of things, but one of the most depressing spectacles over the past 30 years has been our banning of DDT – without an ounce of science to back up the ban;

Thus sprach Nooners the scientist. Meanwhile, here’s an extract from the wikipedia page on DDT:

A study of malaria workers who handed DDT occupationally found an elevated risk of cancers of the liver and biliary tract. Another study has found a correlation between DDE and liver cancer in white men, but not for women or black men.

Unless Nooners wears heavy makeup or has something he’s not telling us, he’s in a prime risk category for liver cancer. Which is extremely nasty.

Meanwhile, back at the Wiki-ranch…

Several recent studies demonstrate a linke between in utero exposure to DDT or DDE and developmental neurotoxicity in humans. For example, a 2006 study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley suggests children who have been exposed to DDT while in the womb have a greater chance of experiencing development problems,[50] and another study from the same year found that even low-level concentrations of DDT in serum from the umbilical cord at birth were associated with a decrease in cognitive skills at 4 years of age.[51] Similarly, Mexican researchers have demonstrated a link between DDE exposure in the first trimester of pregnancy and retarted psychomotor development.[

But none of that is scientific proof of anything, from Nooner’s point of view. I wonder what he’d consider science. Best not to think about it.

meanwhile, millions are sickened and die of diseases which would be prevented if we just sprayed a little DDT. We are allowing political ideology to trump good science

Wrong on the first, but right on the second. In fact, DDT is still being sprayed in some areas, although nowhere near as widely as it once was.

And, of course, malaria will probably become endemic as global warming increases, due to increasing areas favourable to the mozzies, and the mozzies’ own increasing resistance to the sodding pesticides we keep spraying them with.

Noonan is such a tossbag.

Qetesh the Abyssinian

Ten things worse than war? From whose fucking point of view? I think I can guess why he thinks anything at all is worse than war: because Las Vegas has never had one, not in living memory.

I mean, if you’ve never had your house bombed into rubble; if you’ve never had armed foreigners burst into your house in the middle of the night pointing guns at your family; if none of your children are missing limbs from the landmines (or the currently fashionable alternative); if you’ve never had to collect the body parts of your family from the ruins of your house; if you’ve never been dragged from your house and imprisoned by invaders who don’t speak your language and who torture and humiliate you; if you’ve never been rounded up like cattle; if you’ve never tried to survive with no money while gunfire and shelling sound day and night; if, in short, you’ve never lived in a fucking war zone, then I suppose war’s not that bad.

If war to you means reading about it in your daily newspaper of choice, watching lurid footage on Fox Nose, and discussing it in serious tones, then it’s really not that fucking bad at all, is it?

Noonan is a supercilious, ignorant, bigoted, papist cunt.


Popular culture degradation of public morality.

If the culture degradation of public morality is popular, what’s the problem?


Wait a minute! What happened to activist judges?!

Personally, I think Tony LaRussa not hitting Albert in the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded, is far far worse than Global Warming.

Mr. Gary Ruppert, Sr.

Noonan also failed to mention the pressing matter of getting children off the computer and out of the basement.

Noonans of History

Markua Noonyana, adviser to the Incan emperor:
“The Spanish? Only fools fear mythical beasts from across the waters. The real problem are the liberals and their atheist anti-sacrificial agenda!”

Noonanasaurus Rex:
“Bah! What’s a piddly asteroid on the other side of the PLANET gonna affect me? I’m a Christian!”

Captain Noonan of the Titanic:
“Only defeatists think the bailing bucket surge won’t work. They want to drown your children, while the liberal media lies about so-called ‘icebergs’.”

"Oh Stewardess, I Speak 'Nut"

His logic is impeccable. If conservatives continue to succeed in forcing the U.S. to ignore global warming, eventually nothing will be able to stop it. So why worry about it? Especially when we’re at war (over Christmas).


Well nuclear winter should take care of that global warming problem nicely. See? Some of these problems just fix themselves.


Noonan is a supercilious, ignorant, bigoted, papist cunt.

Replace “Noonan” with “a wingnut” and you’ve got a definition worthy of Webster.


A Rain of Jaguars

Definitely the name of my next band.


caterpillars he’s trained as eyebrows

Ahem. As a woolly-worm brow myself, I must say you’ve gone too far in your message of anti-lepidopteran lookist hate.

On the other hand, it would be pretty cool if someone photoshopped Noonan’s brows migrating north on his skull in reaction to the rising temperatures there…


Look, it’s simple: He takes “warming” literally. What can be wrong with “warming”? It’s what you do to brown-and-serve rolls. It’s what you do when your guess approaches the right answer–“You’re getting warmer!”

Mark? Think of it as “Global Scorching.”

They MEAN well. It’s just that they need help, you see.


Wingnuts want to install “Shit Happens” and “Get Used To It” (i.e. “Just Adapt”) as axioms of scientific methodology.

They hate us for “our” science. (And I am NOT joking!)


Yesterday was the first I encountered this absurd right wing talking point of “what is the correct global temperature?”

EVERY temperature the Earth has ever experienced, from boiling lava surface to global freeze, is “natural” and “correct”.

On the other hand, recent temperatures have been very favorable to many human civilizations (though not much of Africa which used to be far more productive when the Sahara was not a desert, but now will only expand further) and to many ecologies.

This is the most freaktarded backward line of questioning wrapped in a pseudoscientific sounding phraseology since I encountered some kook nutbag argued that global warming was caused by the heat from inside the Earth leaking out. (Short answer: the Earth’s interior contributes nearly zero to surface level heat.)


Bush II has specifically designed his foreign policy to ENCOURAGE the proliferation of nuclear weapons. His first order of business was reversing course on North Korea when he ascended his throne in order to cajole DPRK into leaving the NPT. The Bush Admin did every thing they possible could to prompt DPRK to make nuclear bombs.

And then he did the same for Iran, designing a forgein policy to entice Iran to make nuclear weapons.

At the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conferences that have been held since the Bush crime syndicate has been given control over this once-great nation, the US delegation has obstructed every single opportunity to actually prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

In 2001 the Bush junta decreed that all setteled agreements that any previous US aqdministration had made regarding international cooperation to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons would be not only ignored by the new imperial presidency, but that the new administration would defy the law and do exactly th eopposite of what the US responsibilities are.

In 2005 the US delegation to the NPT Review Conference specifically rejected every single proposal and said that their orders from the Dept of State was to catagorically reject all attempts at preventing nuclear weapons proliferation.

The White House not only exposed a covert agent working to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation in the Middle East (where she was trying to prevent radical Islamic goverments from aquiring the Bomb), which in istelf is an act of treason, they also exposed the company she worked for as her cover, which then threw suspicion on all the other business’ they had contacts with. The White House also confirmed to the whole world that every Ambassador’s wife MUST be suspected of being a covert intelligence agent.

By analyzing the Bush administrations ACTIONS one can ONLY conclude that the Republican leadership WANTS more nuclear weapons in the hands of extremist nations. Why else would they so actively destroy 50 years of work to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation?


I think the telling thing about #2 is that he chose “Anti-religious persecution”, rather than “Religious persecution”. Meaning, in other words, it is OK for his religion to persecute other religions, it’s just not OK for atheists to criticize religion in general.


Qetesh said: “And lots of other tropical diseases that may also end in ‘aria’, because those tropical beasties are already spreading, thanks to global warming.”

A local wingnut wrote a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Rag, blaming the spread of malaria on the banning of DDT. Yep, Rachel Carson caused malaria. Apparently, if we just hose the planet down with DDT, the malaria problem will be all gone.


The “DDT is good!” meme has been around for a while, but I think someone is kicking it back into gear lately. I heard a guy I met last weekend for the first time bring up the alleged glories of DDT while setting up a mosquito repellant candle in suburban New Hampshire.

The info about DDT stunting kids’ brains is interesting and new to me. Another good reason to keep DDT banned: Kids around it when it was being used grew up dull enough to think that spraying MORE is a good idea.


One of the worst aspects of DDT is that it does not break down into inert components over time. The DDT molecule remains for hundreds of years, so it can be passed around over and over again, doing irreversable harm each time. The DDT from the ’50s and ’60s are still casuing damage in our evironment.

I will not be surprised for the GOP leadership to demand that lead by put back into paint and gasoline. Why else is lead still in NASCAR fuel, other than to guarantee future NASCAR watchers as parents expose their kids to lead-laden exhaust so as to make them as stupid as their parents?


so we can adapt to global warming impacts, but not to anything else?


Sir Nooner forgot #11 – some people aren’t reading my blog!!!!


Hey Ann,

If your blog wasn’t so crazy, maybe some people would read it!



Welcome to the Science Smorgasbord. Please come in. Grab a plate, start at the far end, and remember, it’s all you can eat.

Ooh, modern medicine. That’s good. I’ll have a bunch of that. And gimme a big slice of that space program. Can I get a separate bowl for defense technology? I LOVE that stuff. Umm, I’ll start with jet fighters, stealth bombers, a submarine, an aircraft carrier and two nuclear ICBMs. What’s that? Oh, haha. Yes, I AM pretty hungry. Let’s see, what’s next. Evolution? Yuck. That’s nasty. I’ll skip it. Go ahead and hit me with some biblical creation instead. You what? None? Humph. Ok, what’s over here? High energy physics? Umm, that sounds kind of exotic. I’ll try a little. Cosmolgy? Can I get some Astrology instead? No? Sheesh, what kinda place is this? What? Climate change? I don’t want any of that! I’m not even sure that’s edible. Yuck. I’ll just eat what I have.

Y’know, my church is sponoring a Science Pot Luck Dinner next week. I’m going to get all my favorites there….



What I love is that we can adapt to massive climate shifts but the threat of a few assholes (with beards and turbans thats what makes it bad) occasionally detonating a bomb is the absolute most important thing ever not something that can be adapted to

Principal Blackman

A local wingnut wrote a letter to the editor in the Des Moines Rag, blaming the spread of malaria on the banning of DDT. Yep, Rachel Carson caused malaria. Apparently, if we just hose the planet down with DDT, the malaria problem will be all gone.

To the surprise of nobody, I’m sure, Noonan thinks the exact same thing. He goes into it in the comments to this Top Ten thread. He must put effort into figuring out the wrong position on a given issue because the law of averages says if he were just blindly guessing, he’d have to be right sometimes, right?


Something I notice about the top ten post concept from Noonan, is that it pretty much shows he has an inability to focus on more than one main thing at a given time… and surely the world must be the same. The entire world must focus one thing only at a time… it’s like a spotlight is focused in a dark room – THIS is the most important thing!… No, THIS is the…


Oh god, I’m still laughing about the raining jaguars. Every time I almost settle down, I see spotty kitties falling from the heavens, looking surprised and a little worried, and I’m off again.


Every time I almost settle down, I see spotty kitties falling from the heavens, looking surprised and a little worried, and I’m off again.

Dude, if I fall on you, I can guarantee that you will not be laughing. I weigh nearly 20 pounds and have fucking paws the size of catcher’s mitts with inch-long claws. And my teeth–go ahead, ask me about my teeth! You’d just better hope I’d be falling with my mouth closed (unlikely).

PS I am a cat, therefore I am always surprised, but never worried.


See, now, nobody’s laughing at the thought of raining BENGAL CATS, aka raining bitey DEATH. With CLAWS.


I love that it’s “anti-religious persecution” to not allow Mr Noonan and crew to have a theocracy. Yeah, it really sucks that the rest of us don’t want enforced prayer but that’s the price you pay for living in a secular state.

White, God-Fearing, Suburban

Well, I thought global warming was no biggie, but then it turned out that rising ocean levels will lead to higher insurance premiums on coastal properties, so now I am a bit worried about that condo in Florida of mine… Mr. Noonan has to be a bit carefull here, it’s not just about a bunch of Bangladeshis dying from famine anymore, this could get serious….


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