Why learning a foreign language isn’t always a good thing

It wasn’t until recently (when, sadly, our 2-year-old son decided he really liked that song), that we realized this little number is in German. As it turns out, understanding the lyrics really doesn’t improve the “experience” of being subjected to 3 minutes of whatever it’s intended to be. Needless to say, said son has now decided he must listen to it all the time… asking for it by name, which to him means saying “Again, ha ha ha.” Pray for Sadly.


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Is this the way good Germans wait for word from Stalingrad?

Better than ABBA’s “Waterloo”, if that’s worth anything.


is that James Dale Guckert prancing around in the blue costume?


Germans singing about Moscow and Stalingrad?

You’re son is going to be very good at crushing Bolsheviks.

So, uhhh… how did young Sad find this operatic masterpiece?


Pretty bad– my 4 year old just insists on “Splish Splash” and “School Days.” Watching American Bandstand kids from the 50’s is a little disturbing, but not like these Erich Hoeneker Power Rangers.


I dunno, I kinda like it. The song that is. I think I could have done without the “Russian Warriors from Las Vegas” costumes and prancing about though.


Was I the one who introduced you to that?


I’ve lighted a candle to sweet 8gb Jesusphone for you all.

By 3 and 4, our children had graduated to “Bannaphone”.

The New York Law Firm

Brad, I wouldn’t admit that where other people can hear you. There are still child abuse laws on the books, you know.


I don’t know . . . . . it kinda grows on you . . . . . I can’t stop watching it . . . . . please help me . . . . .


Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! HEY!!!

Good times. I love it when the guy in the white vest looms in like a hallucination about 2 and a 1/2 minutes in.


I recommend distracting him from such horrors with the best kids music out there. Very catchy and edumacational too.





And for any of you with kids in the NYC area TMBG is playing an all ages show at the Planting Fields on Aug. 4.


Whee! Found a version with real English lyrics here:


And I have to confess a serious addiction to these two songs, even though I have NO IDEA what the lyrics mean:

Urker — Konyr


Nightlosers — Dragostea-i ca si o raie

Enjoy, won’t you.


I still have this video on my desktop from when I discovered it a couple of years ago. It is the perfect storm of crap music video: disco music, cheesy costumes, and German lyrics. Plus, it gets into your brain and EATS IT. You can’t get rid of it.

As I understand it, the video is from a Eurosong competition or something. I can’t understand why Dschinghis Khan never hit the big time.


Ach du liebe Guete! Thanks to young SN for making me feel less ashamed of the guilty pleasures of my (German) childhood. Don’t listen to other people, I know how addictive this song is when your brain hasn’t fully formed yet.
Ahhh, makes me remember all the other German songs of that era expressing a kitschy German longing for other countries. A lot of times filled with painful stereotypes. At least they (or “we”, depending – I am a little schizophrenic on that one) reverted to singing about them rather than, well, you know, doing that invading thing.



“Russland ist ein schönes Land”
(Russia is a beautiful country)

They are only saying that because the Russian flattened Berlin, raped several hundred thousand Germans and have enough thermonuclear devices to reduces Germany to a single sheet of glass. The Krauts have gone soft at last!


Yeah, hooray for mass rape!


I have no reason to doubt the translation in these subtitles:

Leonard's Getting Larger

Lawnguyislander, TMBG is good but rather surreal for public singing. In stores my daughter will belt out “HIPPO!!,” “speck of DUST DUST DUST!!,” “one quarter of George Washington’s head,” etc. People look at me like “What, is she too good for ‘Do you know the Muffin Man?'”


Dan – they actually did hit the big time, or some reasonable facsimile thereof. They released several albums during the 80’s, and in fact just reformed and are in the middle of a reunion tour.

Personally, I can’t get enough of them. If liking historical-figure-and-German-folk-legend-based disco is wrong, then by God, I don’t want to be right.


My grown husband is addicted to this song. Take that how you will.

(OK, OK, I sort of like it too. It’s totally catchy, dammit!)


Arggg! It’s been hours and I still have that song running through my head (and I don’t even know any of the words except “Moskau! Moskau!” and “HaHaHaHaHa!”) This has to be one of the most monstrously addicting pieces of music I’ve ever heard. By all the Gods and Goddesses of all the wolds, if that thing wasn’t penned in the deepest pits of hell by Manos himself…


I loved the song in 1980 and I love it now.

P.S. Russian flattened Berlin, raped several hundred thousand Germans and have enough thermonuclear devices to reduces Germany to a single sheet of glass.

It’s tit for tat. The reds flattened Germany after Germany flattened them, then Germany hit back by stealing the Olympic theme-song title away from all the quality soviet pop ensembles.


Ok scumbag, I clicked on the link and now I’m coming for you. Brain bleach first….

Incontinentia Buttocks

As I understand it, the video is from a Eurosong competition or something.

I actually think that “Moskau” is the follow-up “hit” to Dschingis Khan’s first Eurovision entry, the nearly identical “Dschinghis Khan,” which I had the bad (good?) fortune of hearing over and over and over again while living in the Netherlands during the spring of 1979.

Incidentally, while many bands have released excellent eponymous albums, has there ever been a really good eponymous song?


When I watch this clip, for some reason, all I can think of is Tetris.

But then I can only think of Tetris anyway.


Well, the song itself is far less disturbing than the video… I hope your sun is just listening.

Aber, it’s the “Ha hah ha” part that sends me over the edge.


I can’t possibly be the only German-illiterate person who reads the band’s name as “Dingus Khan” — can I? Or is that part of the joke?

Pere Ubu, thank you muchly for those splendid links. Urker is the dog’s bollocks, and NightLoser made me LOL — literally, not livejournally! Their cover of “Shame” is a country-and-western classic, especially considering that the country (region? principality?) is Transylvania.


That hurt. More importantly, that deserves massive retaliation.

From Hell’s heart I stab at thee.


Form Feet and Legs!

Form Arms and Torso!

And I’ll form The Head!!!



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