A skill showing superhuman strength

World O’Crap reads the Town Hall columnists for you. He She then summarizes their typically incoherent rants arguments, saving you time and helping to preserve whatever sanity you might have left:

The good news: it’s a light load, due to the weekend. Better news: the pieces are fully of juicy conservative goofiness.

Neil Cavuto

Neil’s business and economics expertise (plus the fact that his friend Tom is uncharacteristically buying nice presents for his family this year) allows Neil to predict that holiday spending will be up 8-9% over last year’s. Of course, if Tom is just having an affair, then forget everything Neil said.

There’s more, so stop by and say hello. [But we must say thanks to Neil’s friend, whose willingness to rack up credit card debt while lacking the financial resources needed to pay it back is what makes this country the greatest country in the world! Thanks Tom!]


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“He then summarizes their typically incoherent rants arguments…”

I think World o’ Crap is written by a woman…


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