Let’s get this show started…

This has to be the best intro for a debate on homosexual marriage ever:

Good morning and welcome to In Focus, I’m Dan Thomas. Thanks for waking up with me.

You’re welcome, handsome.


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Whaaa? Huh? But I went to bed with Cap’n Jack Sparrow! Dammit. Um, got any coffee?



That’s my hometown. Pensacola is the most backward fucking place in the South, and that’s no mean feat.


Yeesh. I woke up with him after a particularly rowdy gay pride parade party in the 90’s and it was not pretty.


it’s kind of sweet. like he’s surprised. ‘oh you didn’t sneak out in the night while I was pretending to sleep like the last 5 guys?’


No fair! You promised us handsome Dan Thomas but the link just goes to some weenie fundie guy!



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