Shorter John “Peter Principle” Solomon, Washington Post Director
Of Multimedia Investigative Reporting

Splitting Hairs, Edwards’s Stylist Tells His Side of Story

  • It is some kind of commentary on the state of American politics that as Edwards has campaigned for President, Vice President, and now President again, his hair seems to have attracted my attention as much as, say, his position on health care.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard.

Note: Solomon, best known for his bizarre attempt to pin the Jack Abramoff affair on Democrats, has earned the following endorsement from the Columbia Journalism Review:

Like NFL coaches who always seem to land with another team no matter how many bad decisions they make, some reporters are able to churn out a steady stream of mediocrity, with little consequence.

For whatever reason, Washington Post scribe John Solomon appears to have achieved this status, and has been milking it for years.

Perhaps the Washington Post can reassign Mr. Solomon to the Whitewater beat once the nationwide, popularly-driven ‘Edwards haircut’ furor subsides to a dull roar and the chanting mobs go home.


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Good thing there are currently no problems in America, so that we can afford to spend two pages talking about a Senator’s ****ing haircut.

a different brad

Off topic- Debbie Schlussel is pimping the Muslim doctor killing an elderly Jewish man story again.
I wish I were a woman, so I could hit her.


I like how the article can’t even come up with a reason for its own existence. “It is some kind of commentary on the state of American politics that … his hair seems to have attracted as much attention as … health care.” What kind of commentary, John? Is it good, bad, the fault of the candidate, the press, the voters? He doesn’t say. It’s important because it’s in the A-section of the WaPo. A perfect ourobourous.

“Stylist Tells His Side Of The Story”? Isn’t that a headline that should appear in US or INSTYLE about some starlet’s overly-poofy do at the daytime Emmy awards?

Sigh. Sixteen more months of this shit.


Poor Mr. Solomon, his arm must ache like the dickens from the twisting it got to force him to write about hair instead his usual in-depth policy analyses.


Off topic- Debbie Schlussel is pimping the Muslim doctor killing an elderly Jewish man story again.
I wish I were a woman, so I could hit her.

I’d be happy with being able to ridicule her, but I’m banned. When she spent one whole post bagging on the WNBA and comparing the players to dogs, I pointed out that she was no beauty queen herself.


To Siberia I went.


That hair has more coherence, substance, and purpose than Bush’s domestic OR foreign policy.


Sadly, True.


Well,that’s it then.

I think we need to change the country’s name to Clique Mall Middle School and just be over it.

I’m so tired of seeing this country dragged thru hell because of unresolved prom trauma or daddy issues,or someone snickering at them in the locker room or making fun of their shoes or whatever the fuck the problem is.

I have a 13 yr old,this is how way too many of the kids at his school conduct themselves. They text message each other and yap on IM about other kids’ clothes,hair,shoes,or what their parents drive. The boys are just as gossipy and insipid as the girls are too,this isn’t gender specific.

The whole damned country has lost it’s mind.


FWIW, my dad, a conservative who’s not above the occasional playing of the Chappaquiddick card, and saying that Hillary “will do anything for power”—fully implying that GOPers don’t—has not once commented on Teh Hair.


What a pathetic excuse for “honor and dignity” restored are these people.

I would personally like to see them all questioned about their belief in an Almighty, would that I were the one asking the follow-ups.

Will we survive this B.S.?

History says yes, which is comforting. But the trend towards assinine political analysis, verily embodied by Solomon’s column in an influential paper of record suggests otherwise.

Thanks to Bush for making me happy I’m old.

shane's dentist's attorney's beautician

ask brian williams about his $10. haircuts. LIAR !!!
the network pays for his haircuts and bald-spot-painting.
all these barber-conflicted elderly ecru-vian males criticizing the tousled, luxuriant, tresses of JohnE are so envious, more than BobDolmation was of Clenis pump.


I say we burn down Clique Mall Middle School and piss on its ashes. Then the grown-ups can build a country down the road and send the diapered toddlers to daycare.


Jesus Christ. Can we please start talking about important issues, like how Fred Thompson smells….


And Mitt Romney’s shoulders! Rrrrrroww!


True, shane’s

Perhaps a discussion of which politician’s/pundit’s hairpiece, combover, bald spot spraying or plug job is the worst would be more fruitful?

*Trump is not a pundit, btw.


Up next for Solomon–a 9-part series on Barack Obama’s bellybutton lint. Followed by an expose on how Democrats were behind Watergate.


“anangryoldbroad said,
July 6, 2007 at 1:51

Well,that’s it then.

I think we need to change the country’s name to Clique Mall Middle School and just be over it. ”
Requires some photoshopping, maybe?

“Jake H. said,
July 6, 2007 at 3:51

Followed by an expose on how Democrats were behind Watergate.”

Why else would they have had their headquarters AT Watergate? It’s just to much of a coincidence, isn’t it? I want to know who in the Democrat leadership knew what about getting robbed, and when did they know it?

shane's dentist's attorney's beautician

As long as we’re talking about the tonsorial samba amongst the politi-cariokas, does mitt have a brazillian? does rudy wax more than his chromedome? does john mccain…oh f**k, who cares about mccain? is fred thompson just a big ol’ tease with those pug-jowls or is he really another sphinctor-bleached actor?
america is dying to know, which ‘publicans bleach their sphinctors (i seen it on teevee!!!), and obama, don’t listen to Li’l Gross F**ktards, they really don’t anything about extensions.


At Clique Mall Middle School, as at its successor, Riverdale High, the most visible students are white, the only stable couples are the jock/cute girl ones, and Jughead actually runs the show.


Shane’s dentist’s etc.–

Meu deus, senhor! Although if by this you mean, Obama is the most Brasileiro of the candidates, e verdade.


Is there some kind of a rule that every few months somebody here has to bleach their anus? Gheeesshhhh…..



Let’s see, first there was the “Harry Ried hearts Don King, Jack Abramoff, and shady land deals!!” series of bullshit articles, then “Kerry has hated the troops since 1972!!”, and now this…

This fucker is like an antimatter version of an investigative reporter. If he and Greg Palast were allowed anywhere near each other there would be a blinding flash of pure energy


mch, does your dad ever comment on the whole Pickles running over her boyfriend story? My FIL doesn’t, that’s for sure. But at least now he doesn’t talk about Kennedy anymore.


I like the Politico take on this:

“Hey, how about Edward’s hair?”

“Edward’s hair – a special report.”

“Investigative report – Edward’s hair.”

“This just in – Edwards hair major news story!”


Here’s the thing:

If doctors in this country suddenly stopped endorsing modern medicine and instead took to handing out patent medicines containing that magical cureall “snake oil”, people would pitch a fit. We’ve gotten accustomed to going to the doctor and getting medicines that usually, mostly sort of actually work – we take them and we feel better. We wouldn’t tolerate this.

Why has journalism – which, believe it or not, is a profession with standards, much like medicine in that respect – begun to tolerate members of its professional class selling Dr. Morse’s Indian Root Pills?

I think this tendency might be partly to blame for the general, overall deterioration in journalism standards. Incidentally, and only tangentially off-topic, the news media have taken to referring to the Glasgow attacks as “The Doctor’s Plot“. My question to you: is this ignorance or deliberate? Ironly and I will be down at the local speakeasy, drinking ourselves into oblivion and waiting for your answer.


I’m relatively certain that Chris Matthews gets his hair cut at a Hairmasters salon (“we take walk-ins”) in a strip mall on Ventura Blvd for $15.00.

Oh. He doesn’t?


Joihn Edwards is bald but his haircuts are so expensive that he doesn’t know it. Renmember the Emperor’s new clothes?


Joihn Edwards is bald but his haircuts are so expensive that he doesn’t know it. Remember the Emperor’s new clothes?


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