Die Freitag Brad-Hat-Den-Ganzen-Spaß Musikfeier

Things that are in German, when you expect English:


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You have the entire fun?* Well played!

* This message brought to you by poorly-remembered German classes many years ago.


Nein, Brad hat den ganzen Spaß hier. Ich arbeite sehr stark.


No, Brad has all the fun here. I work very hard.

a different brad

These are not very precise translations, the final bit aside.
What good Python fan hasn’t seen the German specials by now, tho?


My hovercraft is full of eels.


These are not very precise translations, the final bit aside.

Well, the conventions of rhyme.

I’m not hearing too well, but I think the Python bit translates as, “I’m a lumberjack, and I quite make myself happy…”


Marlene Dietrich sang “The Surrey With the Fringe on Top” in German.

It’s a bit startling the first time you hear it.



Please to insert sheep in toilet…



How in the hell did it get to be Friday?

You know, the only thing worse than a lost week is a lost week with nothing to show for it other than a half-finished needlework project and a couple of short books on Theory consumed.

My god, I have truly become a spinster aunt.


ABBA’s phonetic German is as good as their phonetic English.


Rammstein. The only soundtrack for your Heffalump needs.

a different brad

Wait, it was friday?
Shit, it was.
Why don’t people tell me these things?

N damn. I wasn’t listening closely to Python. I just assumed they’d do the best job of it.


Is that ABBA in a box? Or in some subterranean garage in Denmark? Creepy.


Ich wünsche, daß ich Deutsches sprechen könnte


Ik ken uberhaupt maar 1 woord Duits…


Where’s the Feier?

Pastor Bentonit, FCD

Ni talar bra svenska! Bork bork bork!


Ich liebe auf Abba zu gucken, aber das leid zu horen? Ich denke nicht.


Life is life!


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