Play it again Sadly!

Yesterday, we linked to a BBC article brought to our attention by The All Spin Zone:

“Anyone out there holding – as I gather Prime Minister Blair has recently said – the prospect that, in fact, the Iraq Survey Group is going to unmask actual weapons of mass destruction, are really delusional,” he [David Kay] said.

Because some things are worth hearing with your own ears, here is a MP3 file of the relevant segment (4-minute clip, 3MB file.) Things to look forward to:

Kay: “I was absolutely flabbergasted … I was appalled based on the evidence I’d seen that anyone would think that [WMD evidence in Iraq] a slam dunk.”

“Fundamentally George [Tenet] is an expert in the craft of politics, not in the craft of intelligence.”

“The unwillingness to take the responsibility of saying, a few simple words: we were wrong.”


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Why does David Kay hate America so?


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