Unleash the hounds!

David Kay may be about to get personally acquainted with some of the finer canine members of the British forces:

Mr Kay told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that British and American leaders should simply apologise and admit that they were wrong. […]

“Anyone out there holding – as I gather Prime Minister Blair has recently said – the prospect that, in fact, the Iraq Survey Group is going to unmask actual weapons of mass destruction, are really delusional,” he said.

“There is nothing there. There is a programme there. There was an intention of Saddam Hussein at some point to reconstitute it.

(Via The All Spin Zone.)


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Those British attack dogs are pretty viscious, as David Kelly found out, but the American Neocon attack pack will gladly eat its own, if one of their dogs strays from the pack.


I like that even some of those who were the soldiers of the Administration are capably of speaking the truth based on FACTs once in a while. It gives me a little hope.


R.I.P., David Kay. You poor poor truth-talkin’ bastard.


Of course there are WMDs in Iraq. President Cheney ordered them shipped in 4 months ago. They’ll be “found” in late September.


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