From little to zero credibility in 1 sentence

Ready? Set. Go!:

It’s no lie that everywhere in the world that there’s conflict, Muslims are somehow involved.

(Go here and scroll down if you want to see the post.)

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Go here and scroll down if you want to see the post.

I couldn’t be bothered to scroll past the “majority is not a majority because it’s not really a big enough majority and so therefore the media is liberally biased and sucks donkey cock too” spiel.


Is this the same guy who proved all odd numbers are prime by citing the sequence 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13?


Yeah but many unstable places or conflicts I hear about involve Muslims as MUSLIMS not just as people on a side who happen to be Muslim. The Balkans, India/Pakistan (and India internally!), Malaysian rebels, Indonesian rebels, East Timor, Nigeria…

I’m not saying it’s the norm but maybe it’s become more heavily reported on?

David in Burbank

Isn’t it also true that everywhere there is conflict invloving muslims there is on the other side NON-MUSLIMS? Who to blame…oh the agony.


Then there’s those damn South American Muslims, causing trouble in Colombia and similar places.


My guess is that “Sarah” (ho ho ho), under that curly wig and tin hat is actually a fat smartarse dude jerking our chains by doing an Onionesque parody. I could almost believe an ignorant yet opinionated fool could write this post, but put that together the hilarious one about stats, and the mentions of “students” and it’s clear to me this is a Jean Teasdale kind of joke.


I can think of a dozen current conflicts in which Muslims are not involved. Good call on Colombia, Geoduck.

The next time one of your friends or relatives tries to lay all the blame everywhere on Muslims, ask them about Uganda and Nepal. Depending on what’s happened in the previous week, ask them about Northern Ireland or Sri Lanka.


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